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Original Post:
by: User59331 on Apr 09, 2009

Recent events have made me question what the true point in a Coven is. So, here I am posting what I believe to be true and if you believe I am wrong please post so along with what you believe. If you just say "u r rong hahaha" don't expect a positive response, ok? I've made this thread for sharing knowledge/beliefs, not for showing that you don't know how to spell or give a proper response.

Covens- A Coven is a group of friends/family that are very close and considered(meaning the friends, family should already be considered) family. The people in a Coven should be able to come together and help each other with nearly anything and everything.

Covens Online- A Coven on the internet is created more to teach and be taught then to be a family, but should still have that family feel. It is to share knowledge, wisdom, and various facts/beliefs based on whatever the Coven was made for (meaning a Spirits Coven would teach about Spirits, Vampires about Vampires, Christians about Christians, etc.).

Covens in the Real World- A Coven in the real world is made to be a family. It can be a close group of friends who just help each other out allot or it could be an actual family. Either way they would teach each other, help each other to grow and become better, and comfort each other when they need comforting.

Hope this helps anyone who doesn't know what a Coven is supposed to be about and, if it doesn't, hopefully someone else will post something here that will.