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Original Post:
by: ToxxicKira on Mar 26, 2019

I have done readings in the past, but not much. Usually I need a picture to give a proper reading, but in this case I need to practice because most people don't feel comfortable providing a picture and rightfully so.

If you are interested in a free reading, please message me or comment below.

Like I said, I have done readings before with great accuracy, but I am also trying a reading method that is new to me, and I am looking for practice.

Information which I will need is usually a first name (full name best, but that's fine either way), DOB, and general location (like a state). You do not need to give me all of this information, and I can also attempt to work with your username. The more information I get the more accurate I usually am, but I will NOT pressure you into giving out personal information.