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Original Post:
by: TheSkepticc on Feb 01, 2017

I'm new here, as well as to the whole concept of this kind of thing. Sorry if this isn't something we're supposed to ask on here, but: HELP! I have been unemployed for over a year now and my foster family is driving me Crazy. Can someone PLEASE cast a job spell for me so I can have a way out of here? I'm 23 and I'm not allowed to dodge any questions, I still get yelled at if one of my things is left in the living room, I have to do what they ask of me RIGHT away and I've had it!

I would do one myself, but no offense, I don't trust anything that doesn't sound logical so I have a feeling that if this stuff can/does work, then I won't be able to cast anything that's effective. Not to mention that my biological mother was into witchcraft (the crazy, psycho druggie kind that's seen in Halloween films, not the nature based Wiccan kind.) so if I get caught I'm going to be in trouble.