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Original Post:
by: User457827 on Dec 29, 2016

I do not know what you celebrate so "Happy Holidays" should suffice.

So depending on what you celebrate this is either too early or too late, but I have decided to test out some stuff, and am giving talismans away as a gift.

So I am essentially giving away five free talismans. By which I mean, the method I am going to be using will be aimed at charging talismans remotely.

Before we begin, some disclaimers. I am not guaranteeing anything, and I am conducting this operation more as research, than anything else. Nevertheless, should there be any problems, we will troubleshoot them, and remedy them, or try again. I cannot give exact times for when this will happen.

Likewise, I have the right to choose what I wish to do. If there is something I am strongly against doing, or someone is asking for something which I know may be beyond my ability, I have a full right simply to ignore the requests.

Now, what I will need from you:
-For you to state your desire
-For you to state what you want the talisman to be connected to. What goes into the mold, what influences you want. Which elements, planets, spirits, etc.
-A picture of the item you wish for me to charge, and a name if it has one(for example if it is a living creature or a ship or something)
-Follow any instructions that are given
-A report, in about two weeks, or any time something noteworthy happens.
-An open and patient mind. Doubt is only going to drag the operation down.

What I will do:
-Charge the item, and perform any necessary operations that come with it(channeling, diplomacy, bindings etc.)
-Offer assistance and guidance when necessary, as well as clear and understandable instructions
-Dismantle the operation, and undo the spell, if it is possible, and desired. If it is not something I can undo, for whatever reason, I am not responsible.

Now, I'd also like to know the kind of talisman produced. Whether it is passive, active or a portal. This division was developed by a friend, but it helps me understand how to construct the talisman.

Passive means that it has a general effect on you. It makes you more attractive, more confident, more this, more that. Also works if it's affecting something else. Affecting, though not doing anything. On this, provide taglocks, about yourself or whoever/whatever we're affecting.

Active means that it works towards a specific goal. You want this, the talisman will get this. You want that, the talisman will get that. If active, please include taglocks, in the form of names, pictures, or anything really.

A portal is exactly what it sounds like, in that it connects you to a specific force, current, spirit, individual, concept, etc. A portal can be used to link you to pretty much anything and such a talisman can include anything from devotional jewelry, a source to draw energy from, a projection gateway to a specific realm, etc. If an entity, provide any details you can, correspondences, etc. If it is a location, send pictures, if it is a place on the astral plane tell me about any "signposts", things that make that place specifically apart from all the others. For entities that are well-known,like Exu or something, I shouldn't have much trouble.

So...any volunteers?