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Original Post:
by: junoslight on Jan 05, 2016

Hello! We have a new coven, outside the website, that I have started. I'm the high priest of sorts, so mail me the application at the bottom!

Wandering Witches
Many have differing views of the occult, and magic and general, often bickering and fighting over the ?true? paths. In our coven, the path you follow is of utmost importance not only to you, but also to the heightening of your own spiritual guidance. Small in number, but with a familial bond to hold together, we seek to propagate the teachings of all paths, enlightening our members with vast knowledge. We?d love to have an eclectic bunch of members; studying the variety of magic is the key to honing your craft and deepening your spiritual connections. Not only will we bond from knowledge, but developing friendships and environments that feel safe and comfortable. Those looking for a open coven are entirely welcome.

-18+ is generally prefered, although we accept younger on account of interest and maturity
- Novices to magic needn?t worry; we gauge applications on willingness and, once again, the applicant's maturity
- This will be a very small coven, so not everyone will be accepted. We are accepting no more than 8-11 people
-Intolerance, be it magical or mundane, will not be accepted. It will result in immediate dissolution from the coven, or auto rejection of your application.

1.How old are you? What name would you like to go by?
2.Can you describe the path you follow? If you don?t have one, explain why. (If you have specific deities, then please list them here)
3.How long have you studied?
4.What are some of your strong points in your studies? Explain.
5.What are some areas you?d like to improve on?
6.Why join our coven? What would you like to see from us?
7.Is there anything else you?d like to add?