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Original Post:
by: User590155 on Dec 02, 2020

Below is a short article describing some different methods of charging magical personal jewelry. This is not a list of all methods possible. Simply a few to start.

Smoking Method:

This method uses smoke from an herb or incense to bless, cleanse and charge. You begin by setting your jewelry on a safe surface. You will smoke the item with incense, all the while focusing on cleansing and blessing. As you continue to drift smoke around the item you will focus on your intent for charging the item. Many like to use a protective intent on personal jewelry. Other intentions may be focused on as well such as attracting prosperity etc.

Energy Method:

With this method for charging jewelry, you will be adding your personal energy to the item. You can add an intention for the item as well if you like. For this I like to lie my jewelry on a safe surface such as a small dish, often I will use a small mirror; and move my hands over the item I want to add my energy to ( in this case the jewelry). As I move my hands over the item I envisioned it being charged with energy or the intention of my choosing.

Herbal Or Salt Method:

For this method I will opt for a bowl of salt to lay the jewelry in for cleansing. For charging I will opt to use an herb specific to the intent I wish to use for the item. I will place the jewelry into the bowl of say goldenrod for prosperity and abundance and let it charge within the herbs for a while. From time to time I will focus on the bowl, placed within sight, and think of my work, resting peacefully, as if in meditation ( I usually am).

These are my most commonly used methods. If anyone has others feel free to add them to this thread.