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Original Post:
by: RownBoline on Aug 03, 2020

Merry meet, my enchanted friends! I deeply apologize for being gone for so horribly long. Life has been quite fickle to me in moving me around the land.

Anyway, I have a small problem. I just bought a miniature cast iron cauldron from a nearby magick store where I live, and despite being yet to have its first use in a few minutes, I realized I had nothing to hold it up just over a tea light candle to start brewing things in, which was my primary choice of purpose for this, my first cauldron. The store clerk, who was exceptionally kind to me, told me I could use a tea light candle underneath it, as it is, obviously, too small for a standard-sized stove eye, but as mentioned, I have no stands/holders in any form to speak of. Google was absolutely ZERO help to me. Does anyone know a simple DIY for a stand/holder for my little cauldron?

Any help is vastly thanked and appreciated.