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Original Post:
by: fanboy on Sep 06, 2014

Ok, I have a theory. My theory is that during the Crusades, which lasted for hundreds of years, 'conventional' warfare got so advanced that it started to resemble magic.

How do you make a Fire Sword? Cover the blade in fuel and set fire to it.
How do you make an Ice Sword? Leave it in the freezer (or in the old days, maybe in a sealed container in a pond).
How do you make a Lightning Sword? Magnetize the steel of your blade.
How do you make a Poison Sword? You get the idea...

I reckon you see examples of how warfare worked in those days in games like Dungeons & Dragons. And in a way, these are almost magical items.

I think a good example in modern times of something so advanced that it resembles magic is computers and electronics. A smartphone is also almost a magical item. Calls, texts, emails, social networking, camera, video camera, music, images, videos, maps, weather, shops, games - all these and more are at your fingertips. In the right hands a smartphone is an incredibly powerful device.

Just thinking along the lines of Arthur C. Clarke's quote about any sufficiently advanced technology being indistinguishable from magic. Maybe a bit random but wanted to share this.