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Original Post:
by: katch_22 on Jan 19, 2014

I was wonder if any one knew about pendulums, I am no newbie to this use of them, I respect my Craft & work of the light. As of recent, something Dark came through I have blessed saged recharged it properly, also, you did the swinging in the circular motion to release any negative energies, I scry over my keyboard. Last night, My crystal said the number V1 roman numbers sorry. 6. I know this is evil it said it wants to put x's on my eyes, the seer. Also calling us zoo animals. I am also an Empath so I have been sick, this girl I read for months ago I know it was from her, She is the cause, I banned her, but this is demonic, like super big time. This thing is saying it is going to cut me & put x's on my eyes I refuse to communicate with it. So how am I supposed to make a living? Tarot & all, if this thing is here? I even ingested holy water. I hope someone has Ideas it refuses to give me its name oh but it did say I the seer was given to him he said when I was born. what? Guys ever heard of this before? I haven't used an Ouija board either & don't contact spirits of evil, there is a block since I was little I ask for it. So far good until a 2 months or so. Thanks L&L April Hope I can find comments to this post first time poster.