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Original Post:
by: SilverVixen on Jul 26, 2009

What you will need:
# A 13 inch branch (works best but it can be smaller)
# A sharp blade or a wood burner(optional)
# Any decoration, you mainly need a focal point at least(a crystal or gem is best to project energy through) (Also optional)

1. Take a walk in a natural place. Keep your eyes open for a stick or branch that has been laying on the ground and that is no shorter than 13 inches. Let it jump out at you, and follow your intuition. This stick should be appealing to you, as it could be a tool that you use for many years. If you feel drawn to a particular tree, connect with its energy and bless and thank the tree for what you're about to take from it, before removing any small branches.
2. Scrape off the bark with a sharp blade or a wood burner.
3. Carve down to your desired shape and style.
4. Use charring to change the appearance or to amplify carvings.
5. Personalize your wand with things yourself. It's YOUR wand pick exactly what you want. You can use feathers, crystals,runes and stones for the internal. Also adding any cords, metal wire, or symbol that is meaningful to decorate the external of the wand. Go with anything that comes to mind. Make it whatever you see it to be.

A few tips
* To give your wand a more finished look, sand lightly and apply tung oil (a natural oil derived from the seed of the tung tree).
* You may wish to bless or consecrate your wand ritually, before using your wand for practicing.

* Before you turn the stick into a wand, inspect it carefully and put it back outdoors if it has fungus, insects or rot in it.
* Wands are personal things that are very much attuned to your energies. Lending or borrowing wands is an idea that often results in less powerful magic. Making a wand yourself makes it more of your own, deriving from your energy as you making it to get your personal result.