Good Luck Spells

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We can all use a little bit more good luck in our lives. These spells create good fortune for the target person, or they can be used to create a good luck charm instead of charming the person.

It should be noted that there is an even balance of good and bad luck in the world. When you use one of these spells to move good luck to a person or object you take it aay from somewhere else. Where you take it away from is usually unknown, only really power spell casters can also control where the good luck comes from.

More Free Good Luck Spells

Stop Bad Luck Charm Bag
The 7 Day Luck Spell
To Reverse a Simple Spell
Witch's Ladder Charm
Bay Leaf-Based Bay Rum
Blessing Oil
Bowl of Good Cheer
Candle Wax Scrying
Dragon Charm
Egg Bath Spell for Peace
Find a Lost Object
Good day spell
Good Luck and Well Being
Good Luck for One Day
Good Luck Spell
Good luck spell
Hexen's Luck Powder
Imbolc Chants
Luck Money Spell
Lucky Keepsake
Make your own Horoscope
Necklace of Power
Spell to Better your Luck
To keep something in memory
Witch's Blessing
Spell For Good Grades.
24-Hour Good Luck Spell
3 Wishes Spell
7 Day Wish
A Clovers Luck
A Good Luck Spell
A Leader is Born
A on a test
A Simple Luck Spell
A Spell To Bring Forth Money
A wishing spell
A-Case for Court
Acoda's Luck Chant
Acoda's Wish Spell
Ahura Blessing
All Purpose Victory Potion
All-Purpose Wishing Spell
Altar Blessing
Amazing good luck ;)
Angel Protection Spell
Atract Good Fortune
Bad Luck Go Away
Basil Wishes
Beauty Spell
Beginners Luck Spell
Better Attitude Spell
Birthday Ritual
Blessing a new home spell
Blessing of Mother Goddess
Breaking a Run of Bad Luck
Bring a desired love to you
Bring to Justice Spell
Calling your future self Spell
Candle Spell to Change Fate
Candy charm
Cauldron Money Spell
Charge a pack of cards
Charm Spell
Choose Your Team
Coin Charm
Communicate with a Dryad
Concetration Spell
Confidence Spell
Cotton Balls of wishes
Curse Remover
Days of Luck
Dice Roll Spell
Do well spell
Don't Come Tomorrow Teacher
Double Fast Luck Incense
Dragon Soul Potion
Dream as a Vampire Spell
Eggcup Spell
Evil Ward
Fae Attraction Spell
Feel happy
Financial Spell
Find Something Fast
Football Luck Spell
Forget Me Not
Freyr's Prosperity
Full Moon Money Spell
FUN day spell
Gambling Spell
get an ''A'' on a test
Get an A on your test
Get permission Spell
Get Rid of Trouble
Good Day Spell
Good day spell~madi
Good luck
Good luck
Good luck
Good Luck & Wish Potion
Good luck charm
Good Luck for You
Good Luck Locket(EASY)
Good luck spell
Good luck spell
Good Luck Spell
Good Luck Spell
Good Luck Spell
Good Luck Spell
Good luck towards place
Goodluck spell
Grant Wishes
Greedy Spell
Gypsy's Luck (Good) Beginners
Help In Casting
How to get Powers
I wish for love spell
Invocation to Sigyn
Irish Blessing
Leprechaun Luck Spell
Life of Peace
Lost & found spell.
Lost Items
Love and Chaos
Luck 'Round the Wrist
Luck Charm
Luck of Gods
Luck of the Runes
Luck Spell
Luck spell
Luck Spell
Luck Spell
Luck Spell
Luck Spell~ForestSpirit
Luckiest person
Lucky Charm
Lucky charm of Jupiter
Lucky Day
Lucky Monday
Magic Flower
Magic Unleashed
Make A Friend Appreciate You
Making a Charm Bag Necklace
Memory Aid
Money Jar Spell
Money Spell
Money/Luck/Fortune Bath
Morning Prayer
Overall Positivity Spell
Pass a test spell
Penny for Luck
Peppermint Chervil Sachet
Pick me spell
Posidens Son Spell
Powerful Money Spell
Prosperity Pouch
Protection Potion
Real Wish Spell
Relaxation Spell
Remove Negativity
Running Speed
Samhain Rite
Satanic Prayer For Gudiance
Satanic Ritual Before Sleep
Silent luck
Simple Blessing
Simple Rice Cleansing Spell
Skittles Potion
Sleep Spell
Sleepiness/Tiredness Spell
Spark of happiness
Spell for Luck
Spell to make a spell
Stone of Power
Sun Power
Tarot spell for home buisness
The A Spell
The Blessing of Spirit:
The J'Adore Spell
The Orange Envelope Spell
To ace a test
To Bond with an Object
To find an Object
To find What is Lost
To get good grades spells~
To Remove Obstacles
Undo a Curse
Very simple good luck spell
Wish Fulfillment
Wish Me Well
Wish Potion Spell.
Wish spell
Wish spell
Wish spell?
Wishing Jar
Your Lucky Charm
A spell to remove bad luck or ill wishes
Enchanting an Object for Performing Magick
Mental Preperation For Hard Times
Pink Quartz, cleansing/enchanting spell.
Prayer of the Satanic warrior. Satanic Prayer
Everything's Coming up Aces Spell
Luck Spell (Basic but not easy)
Prayer/Spell To Help Find Your Spititual Path
A Spell To Make You're Wishes Come True.
Beginners Scarlet Fire Protection
Change Something From Bad To Good
Daily Ritual To Ease Depression
Egyptian spell for bringing good fortune & protection
Good Luck Locket(EASY and in LATIN)
Herb and Crystal Prosperity Spell
Light Side: Conceration of an Amulet
Protection From Negative Energies Pouch
Remember Bad Memories In a Good Way
Spell To Get What You Want by Carmen211
Third eye Decalcification Chant
to summon a fairy AND to get what you want
shadow spell
unraveling spell
7 days of luck
candle spell money growth
dinner prayor
fullfill your wish
good luck
good luck law
good luck spell
happiness spell
imortal spell
love spell
luck for another
lucky candle spell
lucky me spell
money spell
summoning spell
very simple luck spell
wand spell
witche light
change traffic lights or crossing light colour
the good fortune spell/bad fortune
Strega Herb Jar
To Bring About Compromise
To Win a Serious Legal Case
A Fetish to Fight Bad Luck
Bless You Incantation
Blood Dragon Charm
Break Bad Habits
Charm Spell
Dream Influencer
Fear Banishment
Getting Money
Good Luck
Good luck for a job
Good Luck Herb Jar
Good Luck Spell
Heal Your Pain Spell
House Blessing
Lavender Bath
Lucky fingers spell
Make Someone Happy
Moon Wishes
Spell to bring luck
Unbreakable Luck Spell
Luck spell
''A'' on test
3 Wishes spell
6 Figure Job spell
A 10 knot witches ladder
A Day's Luck
A good luck spell in School
A Lucky Charm
A Random Spell of Good
A Spell for Good Luck
A Thorny Wish Spell
A+ spell
Acoda's Love Spell
Acoda's Luck Charm
Activating a Wish
Air of Intelligence
All Saints Oil
Almond Wisdom
Altar of Wealth Spell
An Employment Spell
Angel Spell
Attract Good Luck Charm
Bannish Bad Luck
Bay Rum
Becoming Spell
Bingo Love Spell
Blessed Item
Blessing for Beginners
Blessing Your Favourite Object
Breaking a run of bad luck
Bring Good Luck
Bringing Home Your Soulmate
Calming Spell
Candle Wish
Cat love me spell
Change fate
Charm A Necklace
Charming an item for Good Luck
Clover Luck
Concentration Spell
Confidence Spell
Confidence Spell.
Curage Chant
Daffodil Good Luck Potion
Defend Me From The Evil
Do well spell
Don't let Teachers pick on You
Dragon Money Spell
Dragon Treasure Spell
Easy Good and Bad Luck Charm
Enchant Item for Luck
Eye of the dragon
Fast Luck Oil
Feelings Spell
Find a Lost Item
Fire Charm
For Study and Concentration
Forsee the Future
Friday The 13th
Full Moon Ritual
Gain Good Luck
Get an ''A'' on a test
Get an A on a test
Get an A+ Spell
Get rid of sadness
Golden day
Good Day Spell
Good Luck
Good Luck
Good Luck
Good Luck
Good Luck Chant
Good Luck for 1 day
Good Luck Herb Jar
Good luck necklace
Good Luck Spell
Good Luck Spell
Good luck spell
Good luck spell
Good Luck Spell
Good Luck Spell By Wolfthorn
Good Road Or Bad?
Gougon Girkniek
Gratitude Luck Spell
Green Light
Heal Yourself With Water
Herb Spells
House Protection
How To Summon A Fairy Spell
Invoking Love
Joyful Candle Spell
Letting Go
Lift up your spirit
Lost and Found spells
Lost Possesions
Love Spell
Luck and Wishing Spell
Luck of Gods
Luck of nature
Luck of the Shinigami
Luck Spell
Luck spell
Luck spell
Luck Spell
Luck Spell/Remove bad luck
Luck Stone
Lucky Charm
Lucky Charm
Lucky Charm Spell
Lucky Gambler's Handwash
Lunar Wish/Lucky Spell
Magic Herbs
Magick Spell Jar
Make A Lucky Coin (Amulet)
Making A Good Luck Charm
Mirror Magic
Money Luck Spell
Money spell,For poor only!
Moon Kissed Luck
My Pendulum Spell
New year luck spell
Overnight Wish Spell
Peace Spell
Penny for luck
Peppermint Floorwash
Popularity spell
Positive Energy
Prayer for emotional healing
Prosperity Spell
Protective Charm
Red Cord
Remove a Curse
Reversal Spell
Safe Birth
Santa's Joy ( Level 1 )
Satanic Prayer of Thanks
Satans Temple Satanic Prayer
Silent wish
Simple Health Blessing
Simple Spell for Luck
Sleep in Peace!
Sleep Tight, Sweet Dreams
Smart Spell
Spell Catcher
Spell to attract money to you
Spirit Summons
Strengthen Your Love
Take Anger
Tell me my fortune
The Akashan Prayer
The Get You Anything Spell
The little Luck Spell
The Walnut of Wishes Spell
To attract [good] luck
To feel beautiful
To Find Love
To find What is Lost
To Make Sun Water
Turning Smart Spell
Universe Grant Wish
Win the lottery
Wish Fulfillment
Wish Potion
Wish spell
Wish spell
Wish spell(works, but risky)
Wishing Coin
Wishing Spell
Your Lucky Charm
A simple spell to get what you wish for
Amulet of Good Luck, Happiness, Stress Relief, and Wisdom.
How To Heal A Very Bad Friendship/Relationship
Not Getting In Trouble With Punishments Spell
Prayer for the Satanic Leader. Satanic Prayer
15 Ingredient Protection Powder
Give Luck To Others- REALLY WORKS
Make something fall from the sky
a spell to make Bad Luck go away...
Banish Evil Spirits and Negative engery
Bestow Upon me Satan. Satanic Prayer
Confidence in Social Situations
Dodgeball/Pin Guard: Make a ball come to you.
Football spell (Buckeye fans ONLY)
Good Luck Spell for Competitions
How to make a Lucky Charm out of Clay
Meditation on improving your magic/abilities
Recover Your Stolen Money Spell
Spell To Draw Good Energies To You
Spell to help with faith for spells
To have more wisdom for an hour
Universal Eraser troubles and problems spell
stone magick
7 day luck spell
angel spell really works!
enchanted rock
game or competition spell
good luck attract
good luck spell
good luck spell
how to get good luck
insperation mode
luck spell
lucky candy
manifestation spell
pass a test
very simple dream home spell
very simple money spell
wish spell
break a streak of bad luck spell
stop things hitting you that are being thrown at you


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