Bring Good Fortune and Protection

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • 1 White candle
  • Picture or drawing of an ear with the name Amun written in black ink underneath

An Egyptian spell to bring you fortune and protection.

Casting Instructions for 'Bring Good Fortune and Protection'

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Light the candle and place the drawing beneath it. Intone the ancient words;

There is no refuge for the heart except Amun, him-whose-name-is-secret. I speak your words aloud that all may hear of your goodness and -I ask for your protection and good fortune Then take the paper and place in front of the candle and say; Proceed in peace that I may repeat to you the good deeds that my heart has done in the midst of the coiled-one in order to silence evil. I have done four good deeds in the midst of the portal of the horizon. I made the four winds that every man might breathe in his time.This is a deed thereof. I made the great flood that the poor man might have power to the great. This is a deed thereof.I made every man like his fellow, i did not command that they do evil, it is their hearts to cease forgetting the west, in order to make divine offerings to the gods of the nomes, this is a deed thereof Then take the paper and place underneath the candle again and say; Amun, these words spoken by him whose names are secret, bless me with your protection and good fortune Then let the candle burn out and take the remains and the paper and throw them in a fast flowing stream or brook.


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