Almond Wisdom

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • A voice
  • Almonds(plain is best)

This is a spell I made myself a while ago when I started really getting into spell making. It is definetly one of my first spells, but it was really helpful to me. It was for when I needed to grasp more insight into my life overall. The following days since this spell was casted, I've been able to read the signs around me and find out what they meant. This in turn has helped me fulfil goals and solve issues in my life. And soon I hope it'll help me with fulfilling my dreams. Now this spell does NOT make it so your autimatically wise or enlightened or ''all knowing'', but it does help open doorways for you in your life.

Casting Instructions for 'Almond Wisdom'

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Step 1: Take some whole almond(s) and hold them in your hand. Put the almonds in front of your mouth and say this prayer spell into/to them:

"By the powers and guidence of Water, Air, Earth, Fire, Angels, Positive Spirits, (whom you worship if you have a religion or just a god/goddess that you feel will help), and I,

Unite to guide me on the path of the wise

With your help, I shall be taught throughout this life,

To apply my wisdom and do what is justified and right

Now I release all from this spell,

So you may carry our my desire to the pure forces of all worlds

Oh please let my workings succeed,

So mote it be!"

Step 2: Crush or chew the alomond(s) and then burry them or release them somewhere outside. Just dispose of them in some way(NOT the toilet :P)

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