How to make a Lucky Charm out of Clay

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • white clay
  • 2 four leaf clovers
  • long nails or if you dont popcicle stick or something related
  • voice!

Easy spell and not hard!

Casting Instructions for 'How to make a Lucky Charm out of Clay'

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ok first get the white clay and make it into a 1 x 1cm or largest 2 x 2cm its ok if you mess the size a bit, then put it somewhere you can reach quickly.

next go outside and look for 2 four leaf clovers (their in parks and pretty much everywhere!) once you find some go back home or inside.

time to get your square clay! then get your 4 leaf clovers and stick them onto the clay on the top and bottom. then get your nails/other and 1 letter for each square write L U C K in caps then after say:

gods and goddesses bless this block of pure white and green so i shall have good luck for as long as i wish.

then id suggest to carry it along with you as it increases the good luck but if you leave it at home it just might work!

if theres any problems message me, i might be able to fix it! :D

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