Grant Wishes

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Token (Pearl, crystal, amulet ...)
  • Glass bowl
  • 6 candles of your choice
  • Spring water

This spell will grant your wishes. The result of the spell depends on your magic energy. It will be a limit for how many wishes you can grant.

Casting Instructions for 'Grant Wishes'

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Before you do anything, you need to learn the words by heart.

First, fill the glass bowl with water and put the token in the water. Then put the 6 lights in a circle round the bowl, and light them. Look at the token in the water and think of the spell and only the spell for about one minute. Then you close your eyes and say the words under.

Old spirits of wishes, come to me
(take a break and feel your body and the air around you be filled with positive energy)
I have a wish, can you make it true?
I want to use this token
dear to me
to grant my wishes, so mote it be

When you are done, slowly open your eyes, and slowly take the token out of the water. Now blow out the candles and dip the bottom of the token in the melted wax. Let the wax dry, and you are done.

To make this spell be super effective, repeat the words every night, as close as midnight you get, until the nearest fullmoon.

WARNING: Do NOT use this spell for bad purposes, or be greedy. ONLY use this to harmless purposes, unless it's really needed. The universe will punish you if you do wrong.

If the spell doesn't work, it can be that you don't believe enough in magic, have too little magic energy or you have done something wrong.


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