Lucky Charm Spell

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • An iron locket (if possible, other metals are acceptable)
  • 1 strawberry leaf
  • Chamomile tea (and a towel)
  • 4 star anise
  • Green salt (grind together sea salt and basil)
  • Bloodroot powder
  • 1 green candle

This spell creates a lucky charm you should carry around to encourage luck and prosperity to come your way.

Casting Instructions for 'Lucky Charm Spell'

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Cast your circle, tracing the outline with bloodroot powder: at each watchtower (east, south, west, and north) offer a star anise to each element and place them at each quarter.
You may use your own words, but here is an example of how to address each element:
"Air, please blow away all negativity and leave only positivity."
"Fire, please burn a bright light and illuminate me for luck to find."
"Water, please flow like a river and help luck streaming in pure."
"Earth, please grow good happenings and lucky blooms."

In the centre of the circle, wash your hands with the chamomile tea. This is to wash away bad luck which may be lingering and to encourage everything you touch to become lucky. Pat your hands dry with the towel if you want.

Take the iron locket and rub it down with the green salt to purify it.
Say as you do this: "With this green salt, I rub away negativity and leave positivity and luck, and harm it none so mote it be."

Light the green candle and hold the locket in the flame. Say: "With this fire, I create a beacon for luck."

When cool, put the strawberry leaf inside. Rinse off the green salt with the chamomile tea, and meditate, focusing on channeling lucky energy into your new charm.

Do not use anything you may be allergic to.
Remember to snuff out the candles after the spell has been cast with wet fingertips or a candle snuff: blowing out the candles may undo your magick.
It does not have to be a locket: you may use anything metal which can hold a strawberry leaf inside.
The best time to do this spell is: Sunday, dawn or noon, in spring or autumn, when the moon is waxing or full.

Do the spell when it's raining so you can make the chamomile tea from rain water. Also, the rain can help wash away any lingering bad luck.


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