Video: Mother of Darkness Chant

Mother of Darkness Chant

Author: OukaHimura123

this is one of my favorite chants. i do not know who it is by. and i used some anime pictures in there as well. i don't own any of the pics.


I do understand that this is LONG overdue, However I do apologize to those who's comments awhile back I hadn't gotten to approving (Which I'm getting to now). The reason I had placed the approved comment restriction on some of my videos was because there were too many fights breaking out, and I was trying to minimize that and being 15 or 16 at the time thought that if I had that limit up then the fights would stop. After awhile I had realized that I couldn't keep up and turned it off not realizing how many comments I had missed. So I really do apologize to everyone about taking so long on that. I thought I would have been able to keep up with it all. If you had asked me a question and I did not respond, please know I was not ignoring you. I had just not seen your comment.

Goddess bless everyone with the brigtest of blessings.
Blessed be and plz enjoy =D )O(

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