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This is the final complete spell. This spell will bring you money very quickly. Do this after midnight on Thursday. (I have remixed this spell for myself and it has brought me more than I asked for the very next morning).
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • 1 incense (Call Money LLAMA
  • DINERO by HEM)
  • A Green Candle
  • Eucalyptus Oil
  • Ground Cinnamon
  • Matches or lighter
  • Blue ink pen
  • Fire safe bowl
  • Silver coin / Dime
  • Dollar bill (the crispest one
  • you have)
  • _____________

Casting Instructions for 'Money, Money, Come to Me... (Harm to None)'

1. Take a hot shower (scrubbing your body with sea salt helps).
2. Open your window and cleanse your bedroom or private space including your alter with sage thoroughly asking all negative energy and entities to leave.
3. Prepare your ingredients and be sure to blow some sage over each item cleansing it to remove any negative energies.
- 1 incense (Call Money LLAMA
- A Green Candle
- Eucalyptus Oil
- Ground Cinnamon
- Matches or lighter
- Blue ink pen
- Fire safe bowl
- Silver coin / Dime
- Dollar bill (the crispest one
you have)
Now that you have done this let's get started with this easy spell.

1. Hold the dime in your dominant hand and at the bottom of your candle make 3 straight line marks going downward | | |
2. Dress your green candle with Eucalyptus Oil (rub the oil all over the candle including the wick and bottom of the candle).
3. Rub ground cinnamon all over your candle.
4. Before lighting your candle look at your candle and set your intentions.
5. Light your incense.
6. Light your candle.
Hold the green candle in your left hand and the incense in your right hand. Watch the smoke from both mix together as you chant.
Call upon the four elements by saying:

I call upon the four elements Air, Fire, Water, Earth to help me with this spell.
Money I need,
Come to Me,
With harm to None,
So mote it be (say this 3x).
Take deep breaths (breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth) and then say:
Money, money, come to me,
In abundance three times three,
May I be enriched in the best of ways,
Harming none on it's way,
This I accept so mote it be,
Bring Me MONEY three times three.
Say the last chant as many times as it takes until you feel you have put all of your energy into it. Make sure while doing this you are staring deep into the candle flame and holding the incense stick allowing the smoke to blend together.
Now for the final important step:

1. Take your $1 dollar bill and write on it all of the things you will do with the money you will receive such as, PAY MY BILLS, MONEY FILLS MY BANK, MONEY FILLS MY WALLETS, MONEY FILLS MY PURSE, MONEY FILLS MY CREDIT CARDS, MONEY FILLS MY PAYPAL, GIFT MONEY FULL IN AMAZON, etc. (only positive words as if it is already there).
2. Burn the $1 dollar bill in your fire safe bowl (watch it burn and chant Money I need, Come to me, With harm to none, so mote it be) until it is completely burned out.
3. Say thank you, Amen.
4. Go to sleep.
5. In the morning throw the ashes into the wind or out of your window.

~ This may seem like a long spell, but it's really not. It is easy - I am just very thorough. If you do this right it will work faster than you think.

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