The decagram ward

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Raises a ward or barrier around your home or town and wards off against all negative energy and evil and grants you and your partners power and stregnth.
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Concentration and belief staves and red chalk

Casting Instructions for 'The decagram ward'

Make a circle having two pentagrams ones point facing north and the other sit in the middle of the circle and meditate for an hour after that think about elemental energy flowing through you ask the other ten people to stand on each point ask them to think about an element off their choice letting it seep through their veins and transfering it to you then say Lord of heaven lord of hell give me the power to complete this spell lords of elements hear my plea lend me your elements so i can complete thy spell (now ask the people impersonating the elements of their choice say the words on their turn) fire element of power seal!water element of vigour seal!air element of destruction and thought seal!earth element of toughness and durability seal!ice element of cold and blizard seal!energy element of storm and courage seal!light element of truth and day seal!darkness element of fear and night seal!life element of reseruction and wisdom seal!void element of chaos death and absorption seal!(with the seals in place take the staffs and say) Seals of underworld sky ocean and earth we transfer your power to our friend help him if he agrees or destroy him if he rejects so mote it be! Now you say I accept thy power and ask it thee raise a barrier around my town or home so mote it be!(now think of a barrier surrounding your home or town and slowly covering it like a dome and stopping all negative energy and evil now say). I THANK THE LORDS FOR THE POWER AND STREGNTH RAISE A Barrier of protection so mote it be!now say together EMMITEM.AND YOU ARE DONE NOTE THE SPELL will remain until the circle and pentagram remain.NOTE the spell must be renewed every full moon or its power is lost.

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