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So basically this works for all spirits ,just to write down the mechanism here , you could see it in chinese tradition for dead people soul, i will write down the connection between hindi yajna , with flames or giving food offerings ,projection , illusion , using of fire electromagnetic wave or making gate by candles ,this spell will be very important to someone newbie about offerings, please read whole and reply me so i can add it if i have something forgetted
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • food&drink the dead people likes in past lives
  • the offering things like,meat ,blood??(hmm i dont use blood),maybe bone??
  • Candles i use usually 2 for gate , 3 for left,right,middle around , and more for sigil
  • incense sandalwood is okay
  • burning place,vessel,tub(like bowl but so big for burn offering)
  • bowl of water/ashes/soil(or other)
  • key opener paper writted spell
  • table and chair
  • backyard place without plants for burning

Casting Instructions for 'Give Food to the Dead Manual'


Preparing the Food:

  1. firstly the most primodial things is to asking the realm ruler for the permission either for channeling the spirit or summon the spirit ,each realm have its own ruler , so please contact it before and the delivery would be much easy 
  2. then you should place all food ,drink, offering in the table ,dont let the fly goes to food 
  3. you should remember that some angel for the deliver dead that is sometimes humanoid with animal head so sometimes is usefull to also give offering to the demihuman angel too like raw meat chicken? , cows blood which already dry?
  4. have its candle in corner ( i usually use 2 or 3 , but there are someone using 4 ,which like "4 of wands tarot" which bring harmony)
  5. about the color of candle ,in my opinion you should use it according to the channels,example: eligor candle is yellow but foras candle is orange ,this is all according to the frecuency of the spirit you gonna offer , even if the candle color is diffrent the fire color of candle is still same ,get lit the candle with (fire element) + incencse
  6. your has to be visualize the energy in Plasma(fire element) which more higher frecuency than air,lyquid,solid that it somehow connect between you and the spirit through some kind of wormhole? ,but wormhole? is not black , some person just see it directly in my mind ,just sense the frecuency
  7. after the preparation is ready is time for you to contact the spirit asking to come (there is some inchantion for some culture) and the important part is you give tell spirit that the food or offering is theirs , more visuals if you give them chair in table to eat&drink 
  8. if there is so many spirit eat the food , you will suprised that if you eat the food after it will lose the taste , its like tasteless ,i mean just less the seasoning?, or if you offer the cirgarete it would be faster to be ashes ,even though nobody suck it ,and weirdly if it is drink maybe 10%less will loss, i mean if we see the water height on the glass it just decreased
  9. most weird things if you do this in the forest which no human live ,i ever read a event in sites that the food just dissapear (maybe eaten by animal? , i dont think so?)

The mechanism:

  1. this things is like "symbolism" making a "Channel" now if project yourself to a place full of bread "bread shop", it somehow after you hungry it just sucked into you and you can feel the taste without actually eating that bread, nah this things works that way ,so we create things like "library data" "open world"  so the spirit is no need to Creating or visualizing so much to have the food , they just simply come to the channel or project to the channel to enjoy the food , this work for "preta/hungry ghost too" we provide the illusion for them ,so they no need to find in other places or create it
  2. Often dead people spirit is unable to just go from their not archived earthly things , its like you can go anywhere without walking legs ,so not so tired or heavy ,but they often unable to control themself ,so they just always go to their favourite lamborgini cars or just stick to their havings in earth ( note i dont know more information about this ,if you have more understanding just tell me ,this is just as far as i know)
  3. Most things i really know that the spirits which dependent by body when they die they feel so much energy drop and tiredness ,also hard to control , not like in film which it just go around the body without feel the pain (for usual people),thats why dont go to see the new dead people because sometimes they sucking your energy or maybe posses or just stick your back( sometimes in case of traffic accident ,and you see their corpse)
  4. Most importanly if it is ancestor spirit , they always wants attention from their descendant ,thats why placing a tombstone could make we remember , its more better if you invite them ,However , times like Halloween month is more easy to invite the dead 

Burn The offerings:

  1. you must ask the spirit do they done eating and also if you running out the time tell them that we cannot longging the time this has to be done with some sort of divination or spirit contact tools, also give thanks for the demihuman angel too and the realm ruler
  2. so put a fire in a "yajna" , and circling a bowl (to the burning place) of prayed water/ashes/soil would open the gate(with inchantion) so after burned the things will be transfered to the target spirit , you could just burn the foods or bone or dried blood or flower ,after the spirit really done eating, then burn a little amount of food 
  3. before burn the offerings you should use the key opener paper spell to Lit the flame ,usually the paper is very long and not width paper ,lit the flame from the candle in the table flame
  4. the important things is you must connect to fire,spirit,offerings at once do not think that food is burned , think or visualize as the offering is now delivered to spirit by fire frecuency , thats why in the first place we need to circling open gate ,dont let the fire die in process ,keep fire still burning
  5. after a long offering process now you must close the gate by inchantion to close with that bowl of prayed water/ashes/soil circling the burning place again ,say thanks to your helper in the end 


  1. remember solid(earth),lyquid(water),gas(wind),plasma(fire),ether(spirit) ,so fire is more higher frecuency ,because the dead dont have solid&lyquid things like body so we need to contact them with higher frecuency ,ether is in your mind & will ,thats why making gate using 2 candle  like "high priestess tarot" J & B pillar , ida & pingalla , 2 pilar in kabbalah is important to help us connect to spirit
  2. also its work like "wifi""electromagnetic wave" stuff , unbounded by material and not using cable or without medium , so after you burn it ,the things will transform by fire to be like "data""energy""astral form" etc, and send it (from the cloud storage) like wifi sends to phone or repeater , then in the phone we could see the image and enjoy the video , in  this case it not only send visual but all 5 senses and more 
  3. opening and closing the chanel is important ,without the direction "Website Address" "email Address" "ip-address" its useless ,and after opened it must be closed , so no other bad things or unwanted things go using your channel to the spirit ,just like making a portal in Dr.Strange movie ,
  4. visualization about offering needed ,to make transform by fire gone like what you gonna offer to the spirit , in some culture they make clothes from paper that colored and painted ,but the goal is to make the spirit having fabric clothes ,and not paper clothes ,you also can burn a chocolate for uncared dead kid spirit   

im sure this spell is not so complete ,because i dont write down the inchation to open the gate either to the offering table candle and the circling bowl , things like this is so native to Asian country especially chinese to invite/remembering the dead, and so many words is hard to tell in this things ,Please complete this spell if you can ,so it would be more perfect  

and information about the key opener paper ( i dont know the name) well i will add later


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