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This is used to awaken a guardian spirit in another person, everyone has one, the problem however is some people aren't able to awaken them.

Casting Instructions for 'Guardian Awakening'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • None
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • None

*Warning, this is not for people who pretend that they see or feel things, this is actually a way to open a person to the spiritual world by giving them connection with their guardian spirit.

The first thing you have to do when a person ask you to awaken their guardian spirit is to meditate, this is where your guardian spirit comes in, it will tell you if that person is ready or not.

When you have confirmed that the person is ready, find a secure, quiet place to perform the awakening. Bring the person to the secure place, sit down in front of the person make sure that your facing each other face to face.

This is the beginning of awakening the spirit, ask the person to close their eyes, ask them what they see, common sense they'll say darkness, but here's the trick, command them with these words "Now the darkness will be taken away and all you will see is a white plain." ask them again what they see, if they answer a plain that is colored white, then you have succeeded, if not than you have to schedule the awakening another day.

Note: Don't reattempt this if your instruction failed this would mean that you are not yet strong enough, if you were just interrupted then repeat the instruction to that point.

If you succeeded in step 4 the next step is to guide them through the white plain, ask them to search for a person or animal, this is a test of will power, when they can't find it that means they are afraid of this so do not continue, but if they find it, it is time to awaken the spirit.

When they have found their sleeping spirit, question them on their reasons, they will only answer once and that one answer will awaken the sleeping spirit, it is then you ask if the spirit has awakened, if it has not it just simply means they have lied to you, if it does, your job isn't over.

It isn't enough that the spirit has awakened, the spirit to truly be awakened must be acknowledged by its name, ask the person to talk to the spirit, normally the voice will be unclear, push the person further and ask them what is the first name that comes to mind, that will be the name of their guardian spirit.


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