Invocation to Mabh

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For walking between two worlds.
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Stones or crystals
  • Altar
  • White candle, red candle, black candle
  • Mabh oil
  • Watchtowers
  • Pentagram
  • Blue or lavender candle
  • A bell

Casting Instructions for 'Invocation to Mabh'

Mabh oil: violet & honeysuckle added to olive oil in which has been steeped some elder blossoms

Mabh incense: 2pts blue base, 1 pt lavender buds, 1/4 part elder, 1/4 pt violet flowers, 1/2 part sandalwood, a pinch of vervain, violet oil & honeysuckle oil ,

For the Chalice: Milk, cream, almond extract and honey with a wee nip of brandy.

Mark the circle with stones or crystals. Cover your altar with some sort of sheer, iridescent material laid over dark blue or black velvet. (I prefer a low altar for this that I can sit before on a pillow)

Lined up on the altar should be a white candle, a red and a black left to right in that order. Before them should be a special candle of pale blue or lavender and rubbed with fine iridescent glitter powder such as can be found at craft stores. Next to the wick, place a few drops of Mabh Oil which you may also use to anoint yourself. Also on the altar should be a chalice. (Below will be suggestions for it's contents along with suggested formulas for the oil, incense and bath salts.)

Before performing this ritual, be sure to take a purification bath.

Cast your circle and invoke the Watchtowers. In each quarter, in addition to the pentagram, formulate the Astral Cross. Draw in 6 deep breaths and expand the Cross.

Light the white, red and black candles from left to right saying:

There came three ladies from out of the North,

Love, Life and Wisdom issuing forth.

I call the Mother of fatherless light.

I call the Mother of boundless night.


Light the blue or lavender candle and say:

By the oak and by the stone

We the Ancient One have known

Let the Ancient One now hear.

Let the Ancient One appear.


Ring the bell 5 x, then kneel or sit before the altar on a pillow:

Draw I the Circle and take up the Blade

From Shadows of mind, reality made.

From depths of soul unknown let swell

The moonborn might to power the Spell.

By the four Elements born of night

By the fifth Element: Spirit Bright.

Hark East, then South, then West, then North,

Lords your power do I call forth!

I work my will in the Lady's name.

Bathed in her glory, I now proclaim:

Love - the Will and Love - the Law

Spurred by love, there is no flaw.

Good and evil, dark and light

All the same within Her Sight.

By Night's hidden glory and the moon-led sea

By the Sun's bright splendor and the blasted tree

Before me let all obstacles flee

And as my will, So Mote it Be!

Intone the following chant 9 times:

Mabh, Mari, Mawu-Lisa

Main Invocation

Mother of Moon, Mother of Earth

Mother of Night which gave the Sun birth,

You have no beginning, You shall have no end,

You are of water and earth and of sighing wind.

Come! who gave birth to our wondrous world,

Whose tracks mark the hosts of Heaven unfurled.

I call you by Earth, your body divine

I call you by Water, your most holy sign,

Also by Air, to come and be near,

I call you by Fire to banish all fear

Mabh, let Your Presence be known and be here!

At this point conceive of a boundless green. Become united with the green and the Earth. Bring the green together before you in the North until it becomes so intense as to become a ball of red brilliance.

Raise the Chalice to this manifestation of the Lady & offer a drink. Observe a beam of light extending from the Lady to the Cup, causing the contents to glow. Take a sip, observing the link established between yourself and the Lady.


I am a child of the Moon Woman.

Grant me Your love.

Often in my travels I come to the land of the spirits.

As day approaches, I travel and come to the land of the spirits.

Often in my travels I come to the land of the spirits.

(repeat libation & drink)

I am a child of the Earth Woman.

Grant me Your power.

As sun drops, I travel and come to the land of the spirits.

Often in my travels I come to the land of the spirits.

In my dreams I travel and come to the land of the spirits.

(repeat libation & drink)

I am a child of the Dark Star Woman,

Grant me Your mysteries.

Often in my travels I come to the land of the spirits.

As a spirit I travel and come to the land of the spirits.

As a worker of magick I travel and come to the land of the spirits.

Ring the bell 5 times.
At this point you may proceed further in your work or wanderings or
simply communing with the Lady or to the closing:

I have touched the Strange Country.

I have walked between worlds.

I thank the Ancient Woman

For guiding and protecting me on the Path.

Be with me, as well, on the path toward my Center

As I pass through the world of men.

Blessed Be.

Take down your circle widdershins and dismiss the Watchtowers beginning in the North.


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