Hobgoblin be Gone

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from wike_99
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Sunset
  • 1 black candle
  • An incense burner
  • Sea salt and water
  • Some ordinary cinnamon
  • Charcoal
  • A metal object in your pocket
  • Tenatious courage

Casting Instructions for 'Hobgoblin be Gone'

A spell to banish a goblin from your home (when I say 'goblin' I use that as a generic word for any dark magickal creature).

Cast a magick circle and visualize a bright white protective dome around you. Convince yourself that this ome WILL shield you from evil. Light the charcoal with the incense burner and then mix the salt and water together in a bowl. Whilst doing this, visualize their protective enrgies mixing with eachother, making the compound a powerful force of good. Once the charcoal has turned grey, sprinkle the cinnamon on it which will make it produce alot of smoke. Actually visualize the goblin choking on it. Open a window and light the black candle and wave it around the incense smoke, visualizing the smoke turning black and being filled with the energies of fury and banishment. Visualize the smoke turning into a giant hand and grabbing the goblin and its pestilant energies and pulling it out of the window away with it. Chant:


"Goblin with your ugly face, Leave here now, you insipid disgrace!! Don't bother coming back at all Or a nasty fate will you befall. I order you to depart, you pest, So that I may finally rest."


Walk desoil (clockwise) around the circle whilst sprinkling the Salty water, still commanding it to leave. The more scary you look, the wuicker it will go. If the the goblin happens to appear in the circle, attack it with the metal object which will kill it. Leave the window open for a couple more hours and burn some more cinnamon to create a pleasant atmosphere.


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