Sacrifice unto Pharaohs

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from red_rox07
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Rabbit, or a bird or such
  • Knife
  • Personal Item of your own
  • Lighter
  • Grave yard at night
  • Neadle and thread

Casting Instructions for 'Sacrifice unto Pharaohs'

Use this to give to the Pharaohs and they will cast good fortune upon you through out your journey in life or magical journey. WARNING: This is dark and dangerous.

Take the Sacrifice and take it by sliding the blade from its neck to pelvis. When Your Sacrifice is Gone, Place the animal on your alter, or table and place your personal Item inside of it. When placed and secured, use your thread and sow the cut back up. Be certain the lining is tightly sown.

Make sure your personally item has some of your hair, or biological being on it for the pharaohs to see your serious.

Take it and the lighter to a Cemetery at night. Find the center of the grave yard and set it with com twigs and leaves. Set it on fire.

While it burns summon a pharaoh. You may need to Google the names and ethic if the pharaoh. “I call upon thee (Insert name here), ancient pharaoh of Egypt to give me ‘strength to knowledge.’ I give thee my sacrifice and item.”

When you do this, some people fall to the ground unconscious, some here the voice of a pharaoh, and others will here nothing, but gain what they seek in the Vary near future.

WARNING: Do not mess with the pharaohs. I will be blunt. You screw them over, and they have your link to them to come and screw you over.


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