How to make a good luck charm

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Will make a good luck charm.
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Candle (any type)
  • Water glass
  • Stone (any type)
  • Empty Jar (preferably glass with a lid)
  • Lavender (just picked)
  • Matches
  • Your voice
  • Your breath
  • Circle of summoning

Casting Instructions for 'How to make a good luck charm'

First, make your circle, then take your jug and say these words.

”Boreas, North wind I call you, Notus South wind I call you, Eaurus East wind i call you, Zepherus West wind I call you, into this jar i call now come!”

then put your jar down anywhere outside the circle. 

Now take your candle and light it, put it down anywhere outside the circle (NOT NEXT TO THE JAR)

then take your water glass and fill it up, put it down anywhere outside the circle (NOT NEXT TO THE JAR OR CANDLE)

Finally take your stone and place it anywhere outside the circle (NOT NEXT TO THE JAR CANDLE OR GLASS) 


take your lavender and light (the flower) on fire now blow it out and wave the smoke around in a circle, say 

“bless me, bless me, oh elements bless me, cast your happiness into me and your bless my soul, so mote it be! May it be high or may it be low, come and let the world show! Bless me, bless me wherever you may be, bless me bless me, so mote it be!” Do this for as long as you want but you must keep your hand going around in a circle (Clockwise  of Anti- clockwise) and If the smoke goes, then light the lavenders and blow it out again.


release the winds by opening the jar, do not expect a big tornado or hurricane to rise out that is just childish, throw your water into the ground and blow out your candle, take the stone (it will bring you good luck) and keep the stones/sticks witch you used in your circle of summoning for now they can be used in other spells.”


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