To Get A Job

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To find a job you would like.
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Big Blue Candle
  • Metal Tray
  • Pot of Mint (if needed)

Casting Instructions for 'To Get A Job'

* Find or write an advertisement for a job you have seen in the newspaper or employment agency or for one you would like. If you are creating a hypothetical position, be specific about salary, location, etc. The more focused you are, the more powerful the energies you generate from within, but keep a weather eye on reality, so that you are not asking the impossible of the cosmos.

* Light a really big, deep blue candle (blue is the colour of Jupiter and excellent for job-hunting) and place it in a holder on a broad metal tray.

* Read the advertisement several times so you memorise it and then form it into a taper and slowly burn it in the candle flame, allowing the ash to fall on the tray.

* When the paper is burned, gather the ash in a small box or bag. (If it goes out, don't worry - just ''relight it, showing your persistence and determination to get the job.)

* Bury it beneath a power tree, such as the oak or ash, if possible on land near to your chosen place of employment. If you cannot find a tree, bury the ash in a pot of mint (mint is a powerful energiser).

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