Confidence Spell

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This spell will help you to gain confidence. It especially helps with females.
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Angelica Root Powder
  • Barberry
  • Bayleaf
  • Boldo Leaf
  • Two bowls
  • Hot Sink Water
  • One Regular Hand Towel
  • Spoons

Casting Instructions for 'Confidence Spell'

Take ONE spoonful of Angelica Root Powder and put it into your mixing bowl. Then take the Barberry and place it in a bowl. Then, put your sink on the highest temperature. DO NOT BOIL THE WATER! ONLY USE HOT SINK WATER! Get the sink water as hot as you can get it. Then run the water little by little into the bowl. The water should be covering the barberry. Next, set the bowl aside for about 5 minutes. While the barberry is soaking, take one and a half bay leaf. You may blend or chop the bayleaf. (Blending is better). Add the pieces or blended powder into the bowl of root powder. Next, chop or blend the boldo leaf. Add that also into the root powder mixture. After 5 minutes, the soaking mixture should be done. Drain out the water and set the plant on a towel. YOU MAY ONLY USE A REGULAR TOWEL. Store the dry mixture into a warm compacted area. Let the barberry dry overnight. Next day: Take small petals off of the barberry and add them to the mixture. There should be less barberry than anything else in the dry mixture. Now, mix up the mixture. It should be put in a compacted container where it is being squeezed for a couple of hours. When it is done, sprinkle it on your arms and legs. WARNING: DON''T USE TOO MUCH OR YOU WILL BECOME OVERCONFIDENT!!!!!!

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