Tarot Card Reading

Your Tarot cards have been shuffled and are spread out below.

Your spread is the Calendar. Below is a brief summary of what each card in its position means.

Card Position 1 - 4 of Pentacles Card Position 2 - 9 of Wands Reversed Card Position 3 - 6 of Wands Reversed Card Position 4 - Wheel of Fortune Card Position 5 - 5 of Cups Reversed Card Position 6 - 5 of Wands Card Position 7 - 10 of Pentacles Card Position 8 - Temperance Card Position 9 - King of Pentacles Reversed Card Position 10 - The World Card Position 11 - Queen of Swords Card Position 12 - 5 of Pentacles Reversed Card Position 13 - 8 of Wands Reversed

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Watch this video for details about the Calendar spread from our video library.
A reminder that this is a VERY brief summary of your spread. Typically the analysis of each card can be as long or longer then everything written below.

The Calendar spread is used for answering a question and giving an answer to 'when'.. There are 13 cards in this spread. If you place your mouse over any card you will be able to see the card position number and the name of the card delt there. This is what your spread means:

4 of Pentacles The first house - Aries - describes the inquirer.
Card: 4 of Pentacles - A period of financial stability or profit.

9 of Wands (reversed) The second house - Taurus - denotes finances and material goods.
Card: 9 of Wands (reversed) - Loss of strength due to obsticales.

6 of Wands (reversed) The third house - Gemini - short journeys and communications.
Card: 6 of Wands (reversed) - A warning against difficulties caused by other people.

Wheel of Fortune The fourth house - Cancer - home and family.
Card: Wheel of Fortune - A problem with destiny vs free will.

5 of Cups (reversed) The fifth house - Leo - pleasure, romance and creativity.
Card: 5 of Cups (reversed) - An unhappy time will soon come to an end.

5 of Wands The sixth house - Virgo - health matters and day to day work.
Card: 5 of Wands - An internal conflict exists.

10 of Pentacles The seventh house - Libra - partnerships, personal and business.
Card: 10 of Pentacles - Money and family fortune.

Temperance The eighth house - Scorpio - denotes deaths, major changes, inheritance and sexuality.
Card: Temperance - Balance.

King of Pentacles (reversed) The ninth house - Sagittarius - long distance travel and philosophy of life.
Card: King of Pentacles (reversed) - A misery, bring person, or a bully.

The World The tenth house - Capricorn - career.
Card: The World - The end of a cycle.

Queen of Swords The eleventh house - Aquarius - friends.
Card: Queen of Swords - An intelligent perceptive woman.

5 of Pentacles (reversed) The twelfth house - Pisces - hidden things, unconscious wishes and fears.
Card: 5 of Pentacles (reversed) - Hard work will improve a financial situation.

8 of Wands (reversed) When could not be determined. It may not be possible in the next year.
Card: 8 of Wands (reversed) - Trying to get things done can end in mistakes.