Tarot Card Reading

Your Tarot cards have been shuffled and are spread out below.

There are 7 different Tarot spreads. Each spread can tell you something different about yourself. We feature a different spread each day of the week, so return each day to get you next reading. You may also want to check out your numerology reading once you are finished.

Today's spread is the Romany, tomorrow's is Horoscope. The 7 spreads include Thy Self, Romany, Horoscope, Celtic Cross, Horseshoe, Calendar, and Tree of Life.

Your spread is below, our interpretation of the cards is below that.

Card Position 1 - Knight of Pentacles Card Position 2 - Queen of Swords Card Position 3 - 5 of Pentacles Card Position 4 - 3 of Wands Reversed Card Position 5 - 3 of Swords Card Position 6 - 9 of Swords Reversed Card Position 7 - Page of Pentacles Card Position 8 - 8 of Swords Reversed Card Position 9 - 2 of Cups Card Position 10 - The World Reversed Card Position 11 - 9 of Pentacles Card Position 12 - King of Cups Card Position 13 - Knight of Swords Card Position 14 - 5 of Swords Card Position 15 - 7 of Cups Card Position 16 - 6 of Cups Card Position 17 - The Lovers Card Position 18 - 9 of Wands Card Position 19 - 2 of Swords Card Position 20 - 4 of Cups Reversed Card Position 21 - King of Swords

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About the Romany spread and others from this video and others like it in our video library.
A reminder that this is a VERY brief summary of your spread. Typically the analysis of each card can be as long or longer then everything written below.

The Romany spread is used for reading your past present and future. The first line is your past, the second your present and the last your future.. There are 21 cards in this spread. If you place your mouse over any card you will be able to see the card position number and the name of the card delt there. This is what your spread means:

Knight of Pentacles The Past
Card: Knight of Pentacles - An ambitious young man.
Card: Queen of Swords - An intelligent perceptive woman.
Card: 5 of Pentacles - A period of financial loss.
Card: 3 of Wands (reversed) - Opportunities may be lost due to arrogance.
Card: 3 of Swords - Tears are on their way, may be romantic.
Card: 9 of Swords (reversed) - The end of a bad time is near.
Card: Page of Pentacles - A steady, good natured child.

8 of Swords (reversed) The Present
Card: 8 of Swords (reversed) - A restrictive situation is leaving.
Card: 2 of Cups - Love, harmony and partnership.
Card: The World (reversed) - Completetion is implied yet delayed.
Card: 9 of Pentacles - A secure financial plateau.
Card: King of Cups - A highly intuitive man.
Card: Knight of Swords - A confident articulate young man.
Card: 5 of Swords - A future loss is possible.

7 of Cups The Future
Card: 7 of Cups - A multitiude of possibilities and choices.
Card: 6 of Cups - Happy memories, old friends and lovers.
Card: The Lovers - Love and Romance is in the air.
Card: 9 of Wands - Prudence and strength.
Card: 2 of Swords - Balanced forcecs. Stalemate.
Card: 4 of Cups (reversed) - Fear of being alone.
Card: King of Swords - A well educated man with the gift of logic.