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I would like to turn. However, I would like to know my new abilities (compelling, speed, strength, aging, etc) and weaknesses (sun, stakes, etc) of this before doing so. Thank you.
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Re: Vampires
By: Moderator / Adept
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There are no vampire spells that work because vampires do not exist.

The myth about vampires began because people in the Middle Ages did not understand what happened when the human body was dead and buried and mistook the normal processes of death for the body becoming a vampire. See this article for some scientific information:

Vampires in such folklore were feared and hated. Then along came people such as Anne Rice and the woman who wrote the Twilight series and all of a sudden vampires became glamorous and sparkly. But these are fantasy novels and Hollywood films, not the truth.

A Natural History of Vampires :

Science Behind the Vampire Myths :

The Restless Dead: Vampires and Decomposition :

Myths and Scientific Realities About Vampires :

Books and Articles:

Barber, P. (1987). Forensic Pathology and the European Vampire, Journal of Folklore Research 24 (1), 1-32. URL:

Barber, Paul. (2006). Vampires, Burial, and Death: Folklore and Reality; With a New Preface.

Gmez-Alonso J. (1998). Rabies: a possible explanation for the vampire legend. Neurology, 51 (3), 856-9. PMID: 9748039

There are those who choose to live a vampire lifestyle, even see it as a spiritual journey. But those are not the vampires such as you are describing. They are still fully human.

There are also those who consider them "psychic vampires" who draw upon the energies of those around them. But once again, these individuals remain fully human.

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