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spirt sessions and seance
By: / Beginner
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ok so I'm not sure if this is the correct place to put this, but for the past couple years I've been doing spirit sessions or seances I'm not sure if that's the correct terminology or word, but my mom (foster mom) and I have been doing spirit sessions, because she wants to connect and talk to her cousins and family, I should probably add that the place we live at is a family home tha has been in her family for a while, as in her great grandparents or something along those lines had built it, and doing these spirit sessions we do those in the garage since I wouldn't ever do those in the house, (the garage is a separate building) and I've done these sessions with her at least 5ish times and the very first time I did one with her we got a physical interaction, near the end of the session which was a lawn chair that jumped about an inch off the ground ans sounds of walking around us, but then near the end of the session I started getting a huge sense of anxiety in my chest and throat, and that's where we ended the session, I am aware though near the end of the first session, it was near 3 am if that made a difference, with that feeling but I should also add I've always cleansed the place by using incense and sage (for those of you against using sage I'm native American and so that's why I use it) and I burn cedar as well, so I'm 99% sure I've been cleansing things properly, but this most recent session I did which was about 2 weeks from today 4/12/24, we connected with her uncle I believe but then around 11pm ish cdt or 2300 military time I got this giant headache in-between my eyes and the back of my next and a a really heavy feeling from my throat to my chest, and so we ended the session immediately and I saged and incensed the garage once more and did a prayer because this time it felt really negative and at which times bith my dogs started barking and freaking out, they were not in the garage with out but outside running around, and as soon as we ended the session my headache went away and the dogs calmed down,and of course I made the correct decision to end the session but I've wonder what would've happened if I continued going on with the session, and the next day my mom went out to the garage to grab something from the freezer and stuff off one of the garage shelves was knocked down that wouldn't have been knocked down easily. so I'm also wondering I guess if we've been contacting something not to good, we'll obviously I guess, and for the past couple weeks since we've done this session I've been hearing things that aren't there amd my name being called which I've been ignoring since I know that your supposed to especially when no one else is home, and I've been seeing things and figures out of the corner of my eyes like almost looking like people where there shouldn't be people. and I've always worn a evil eye pendent or carry some small for of protection on me, but when I wear the pendant I always have the feeling like something is standing right behind me breathing down my neck like when someone is standing way to close behind you. I'm rambling on know so I apologize but of someone could give me some recommendations one how I should proceed with these that would be greatly appreciated thank you

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Re: spirt sessions and seance
By: / Knowledgeable
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You've opened a doorway, and simple smudging will not correct that because you didn't just create a sacred space in your garage, you opened yourself up too. The feeling in your head, chest, and throat was likely your own energy body experiencing what some people call "opening chakras."

Your ancestors were likely working on your energy body so they could communicate with you directly.

The first thing you need to do is work on yourself by grounding and centering. Start smudging yourself, not your garage.

Hearing, seeing, and feeling spirits may become an everyday part of your life from now on unless you close yourself off and walk away from spirituality completely. It's called an "spiritual awakening" for a reason.

You're doing the right thing by not answering when your name is called. Also remember not to speak the names of the dead unless you wish to draw them nearer to you. Instead of smudging your garage, you should step it up and ward your property because now that you're open, you're more susceptible to psychic attack.

Please refrain from telling others that you hear or see spirits unless they also hear and see spirits. Ordinary folks will think you're crazy until something flies off a shelf at them. That uncle of yours might come in handy in that moment! He sounds feisty. My ancestors aren't against using coyote medicine against people around me. Sometimes they get carried away.

Since you have native blood, you should have a sense of your leading ancestor. When ancestors get out of hand (there is always that one family member nobody invites to parties) you need to call on the one who commands the room. Then you thank and honor that ancestor with an offering of tobacco or their favorite drink.

That leading ancestor is the one you should always call first and if they communicate that it isn't a good idea to bring a specific ancestor around, listen to them. At the end of every session, you must honor, thank, and permit them to leave in peace. If you don't do that, they can get stuck. And stuck spirits are not happy spirits.

Smudging itself doesn't banish or cleanse. Burning herbs releases the spirit of the herb into the air and your relationship with that plant spirit provides you with a link to that smoke. That link is the key to working with that plant spirit to create an effect. So when you smudge, I'm not sure what you are accomplishing. When I smudge, I smudge myself to connect myself with the smoke and then smudge my surroundings to create a sacred space before ceremony. But if the spirits within are your ancestors, smudging them will simply bless them too? Prayer too.

It's actually very disrespectful to call spirits and then treat them like evil creatures that need to be banished. That's what ceremonial magicians do when they evocate "demons" bind them to do their bidding, and then banish them like slaves. That's not the way you want to treat family unless it's your in-laws!

Building a relationship with your ancestors takes time and patience. Some of them will be nasty bottom feeders and others will feel as though they stepped off a beam of light to grace your presence. Don't bounce around so quickly and build a strong bridge with the best of them.

I hope this helps!
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