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Feather Interpretation
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Greetings All

So as many, like myself that have come across finding feathers, or having dreams which include feathers, and probably not knowing the meaning and significance of this feathers, this would be an ideal insight to the interpretation of feathers.
Something less discussed I'm sure, however, I trust it will be of help.

So feathers, for different people, and different faiths, they do have different meanings, however feathers have always been associated with freedom, transcendence, and a connection with the spiritual realm.
Before continuing, a little something about myself, I have a big bright tattoo of a peacock feather on my neck, in my religion and faith, the peacock feather is held of very high status and much respected.
The peacock feather to me is my all powerful connection to my All Divine God.

From my wide range of reading, i have come across a saying, ' feathers appear when angels are near '
Angels are always silently near, giving comfort and support, but because we cannot see them, it does not mean they not there. It is said that they will sometimes drop a feather, just to remind you, that they are there, watching over you. So when you see a feather floating sometimes towards you, or probably may pick one up of the ground, it should serve as some validation that angels are near you.
A feather can also serve as validation of your intuition, a thought that's been on your mind, or a feeling that you need to follow one path or the other. If you where in doubt on a decision, and asked for a sign, the feather could represent that sign. A feather sign is most important when it is personally meaningful to you.
Across many cultures, feathers as a symbol, represents a connection to the spiritual and divine realms. And because feathers are associated with birds, this represents freedom, not just physically, but mentally and spiritually. Just like a bird soars through the skyline, feathers symbolize transcendence, to move beyond your mental barrier and overcome spiritual obstacles.
So looking at different cultures, I have spoken about the peacock feather in my religion.
Looking at Native American symbolism, the feathers in American Indian cultures have been an integral part of ceremonies. It's used in clothing, jewellery, tools, weapons and dreamcatchers. It is their respective way of communicating with divinity. Feathers are held very sacred in their culture.
The Iroquois had feather dances to thank the gods for their land, water, animals, the sun, the moon, feathers were woven into the clothes on their backs.
In different faiths, feathers are said to be a covering of protection and loving care. Divinity takes us under their wings, keeping us safe.
In Ancient Egypt, the feather was a symbol of Ma'at , the Goddess of truth, justice and order. She wore a single ostrich feather in her hair.
After death, the heart of each person would be weighed against the weight of the feather of Ma'at and if the persons heart weighed more by the weight of sin, to that of the weight of the feather of Ma'at, that person could not enter the paradise of the eternal afterlife.
Evident to see the power of a feather.

In current times, depending where we reside, and if we out and about alot in nature, or if we confined to city life, its probably different for each of us finding feathers, or find one floating towards you.
Nevertheless, a simple guide in most commonly found feathers, it's colour and meanings.

White feather would mean a gift from your angel, letting you know that they are near you, to support you, and also remind you to focus on your wellbeing.

Grey feather would signify that not all is black and white. There are many different view points to consider, many different people to learn about and understand, and many different walks of life to acknowledge.
Also a grey feather may indicate that you need to take a step back to think about your current situation in life.

Brown feather would mean earth, stability and fertility, comfort of home, safety, warmth.
An indication to remind you to keep a balanced perspective to life. To set healthy boundaries for your own wellbeing.
It reminds you to stay grounded to the connection of earth and stay present in the moment.

Black feather will be a sign of protection. A good time to take some personal time and self reflection.
Your protection allows you to take a rest, knowing that you are not alone.
Black will repel all negative energy thats probably on your path and in your surroundings. You have protection.

Trust we all enjoy the read.

Blessed Be
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Re: Feather Interpretation
By: / Novice
Post # 2
A very fine read indeed! I have always tended towards the idea that sometimes the smallest things, at the right time, can bring great meaning. Even if that meaning is something as simple as 'you are not alone'.
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Re: Feather Interpretation
Post # 3
Thank you for this beautiful post! I recently found an Owl feather, significant to me because Owls are my spirit animal and I see them as a form of my higher self. I can't think of a stronger message from my intuition than that! I love the idea of freedom and protection, feathers are truly magical things indeed. They feel like a hug from a guardian angel.
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Re: Feather Interpretation
Post # 4
Merry Meet
And yes, our intuitive feelings are the strongest messages or the most meaningful signs we seek. We sometimes look for signs outside ourselves, whereas our intuitive feelings, all the time, has been the sign we so desperately wanted.
Trust your intuition, it is our sixth sense, the sense that steer's you to the path of knowledge, safety, protection and wellbeing.
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