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Magical Correspondences
By: Moderator / Adept
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" Magical correspondence tables are like a witch's cheat sheet. They list energetic and metaphysical connections between objects, beings or concepts in a neat and precise at-a-glance way.

Correspondence tables allow a witch to quickly throw together a spell or charm based on the correspondences of the items in the table to the intent of her spell. Correspondence tables are a tool to make things easy but should never be considered hard and fast rules. Different practitioners may assign different correspondences based on their own experiences and belief systems. What is symbolic to one person, even if that person is an expert, may not be symbolic to you. Many witches create their own correspondence tables for their personal Book of Shadows.

Put simply magical correspondences act as tools that augment the energy that the magic user is pushing into any spell or other magical working. Magical correspondences include such things as colors, herbs, days of the week, planetary symbols, Elements, etc. Understanding and using such magical correspondences is central to successful spellwork. So here's some tables that you might find useful.


Book: " Basic Candle Magick" by Ray Buckland

Herbs/stones :

Book: "Encyclopedia of Herbal Magick" by Scott Cunningham

Western Elements:

Chinese Elements:

Days of the Week:

Phases of the Moon:

Planetary Correspondences :

Signs of the Zodiac :

Book: "Planetary Magic" by Melita Denning and Osborne Phillips

Magical Intent:


Book: "Magical Aromatherapy" by Scott Cunningham



Book: "Crystal, Gem and Metal Magic" by Scott Cunningham

Although spells can certainly be worked without using any of these correspondences, the more correspondences one can include in a magical working the stronger the energies that can be built into a spell. Some Ceremonial Magicians will wait for years for the proper conjunction of the planets while gathering all other possible correspondences to insure the most power in their working. So keeping tables like this in your BOS and using them regularly will help to improve your own magical abilities.

Re: Magical Correspondences
By: / Novice
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This is such an amazing post, Lark! Thank you so much for posting it.

A great part about practicing magic is also trusting your intuition. If you see a connection or correspondence with something, by all means, go for it. It is like red and pink colors. Some people see red as a representation of love, some people see pink for friendship. Others might see red for lust and pink is for love. Then there are those who see it for both.

Always trust your intuition.

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