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Improving Health
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Hello. In this topic I will be discussing ancient traditional methods from ALL over the World to improve your health, open your chakras and be more in tune with the Universe.

The Chinese Hot Water Method
Drink two cups of hot water everyday in the morning or whenever you prefer to help clear the toxins from your body and drive away red blood cells. This is a traditional chinese ancient method because they are obligated to do this due to eating all sorts of bugs, animals, etcetera. You will feel calmer, less anxious and more grounded to run your business or do your job.

The Cold/Iced Shower Method
We all know in the military and in the police enforcement they all take cold showers, right? Why do you believe they do this? Here: it helps open the chakras so their intuition is more correct and it helps wake them up. It is the equivalent of hundreds of milligrams of caffeine. In the Navy SEALs, you CANNOT drink caffeine. You have to take cold showers and pass a serious tests near cold ocean water. Let's break it down. Start first with 10 seconds, then move on to 30, then to 60. 60 seconds = 1 minute. But you already knew this, right? It will pour open your chakras after 30 days and if you continue doing it your intuition will increase and you will be able to detect dangerous or positive situations more throughout fully. It will also increase the blood flow of white blood cells - which are the positive blood cells in our body that helps us keep functioning.

#3: Drink ONE Cup of Red Wine Per Day (+25y)
Drink a small cup of red wine per day. It helps with your blood circulation, heart health, improves teeth and enamel unlike other wines. Don't exaggerate if you suffer from underlying mental health conditions. That can cause a depressive episode. And do NOT mix it with pills if you take them.

#4: Sleep with Alpha, Beta or Theta Waves on
This will improve your dreams in the phase of REM sleep and help you remember your dreams faster when you wake up. It will also help you develop your psychic powers as in my belief we all have the power to become psychic. After years of doing this, you will become clairvoyant.

#5: Quit Weed (Or Other Drugs) (+18y)
Weed is known for causing psychosis and depression in people and Tupac Shakur mentions several times in his records (Paranoid from the weed). This happens when you smoke and ingest the smoke, the tetrahydrocannabinol molecules enter your bloodstream and brain and give a high - that will be later be compensated with paranoia, fear and anxiety when the high passes. Meek Mill mentioned that weed was making him depressed aswell.

#6: Eat Salads and Non Processed Food
Eat salads, bread, don't exaggerate on the meat and refrain from beef - eat a lot of fish too. Drink milk every morning with a snack of healthy food you prefer (I don't own anything or anyone, do your research and then contact me if you have any questions on the best foods). Pork meat should be eaten in moderation too.

If you think my beliefs or my facts are wrong, contact me or correct me. I'm always willing to be corrected, warned or advised too. I don't own anyone or anything, you can do your own research and then consider the facts here and about the wine - this is for grown adult people ONLY.

Blessed be!

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Re: Improving Health
By: Moderator / Adept
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