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Genealogy and Magic
Post # 1
Hi to all.

Before I my question/musings here is a bit of background.

I know there are many different paths or to say different types of witches, but like to think that I don't fit in one of those "boxes", as I practice multiple "paths", but what I more drawn to is everything nature especially Plantlife, herb, and animals. And those that know me always comment that i glow like lighthouse when I am in Nature like(Forests natural or man made).But it normally brightest when its a lot of tree's, and they describe it as a massive golden white light around me.

Now the question at hand, recently I just had this thing where I was just stubbornly focused in researching my family tree. And in a nutshell generally its not easy as both my parents where given up for adopting when they where infants. And amazingly enough I have managed to trace some my bloodline as far back 1400s. And with my Father given the history I have managed to trace his maternal line back to 1700s in Ireland(I am form South Africa).And some of my other "Bloodlines can also be trace to Ireland and surrounding areas. Please note that I am not stating the I am Irish as we are talking 5 - 10 generations back.

But can there be some sort of link between your chosen path(Which may be Celtic/Druid influence) and your Bloodline/Ancestors

Thanks all and Blessing
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Re: Genealogy and Magic
By: / Novice
Post # 2
Holy Hannah I went on a ramble with this one! I want to apologize in advance for the sky-scraper of text I am about to hit everyone with. I guess your question was rather thought-provoking!

Tying genealogy/family lines with magic and magical practice can be a bit of a can of worms, to be honest. There are some who adhere to the idea as a way of claiming a natural talent or aptitude, but most see it more as coincidental or environmental by way of influence.

One big problem is that if you go back far enough you can find a common genealogical link with nearly anyone. Second, the ideas of magical Faith's have been around so far back it can be considered a part of the development of human civilisation. So any single person can, with sufficient study, find someone somewhere within their lineage who had a connection to a magical, animistic, or shamanistic faith.

Though, don't get me wrong here. Family is still an important factor here. I just don't think it is a genetic one. Rather, if a family has magical practice within its history, particularly in recent history/within a small handful of generations, then a person would have more influences towards following a similar path. Families share ideas and ideals from one generation to the next. Passed-down remedies. Family superstitions/stories. Familial culture. Or, even just being more friendly (or at least tolerant) of the idea.

Consider how often people mention how they had to hide their practice from their family, and how it restricts what a person can learn and do. Finding a path requires many things- information being a huge one. Limiting access puts a stranglehold on progress no matter how strong the desire or aptitude. Conversely, a family with an animistic faith (for example) is likely going to have open conversation and welcoming attitudes to similar study. There might even be 'in family' sources of information. Anecdotes, family events, journals written by previous generations, and so-on.

Christian families will always have the strongest chance of raising Christian children. Liberal parents will most often raise liberal children. And so on.

*laughs* and this isn't even considering the extra-large coffee can of super big worms that is Spirit/soul! Is soul a factor? Does soul incarnate over and over, carrying past life lessons? Is the experience of soul a greater influence than bloodline? Can soul and bloodline be linked, or are they separate? If there is soul but not reincarnation (one life then afterlife) is soul something born outside of bloodline, or a result of it?

In the end, I think that through all this complexity and spiraling influence, all that can be said for certain is that it is... rather complex. And very subjective. You can look into your family and past, and find validation (or at least an inspiring narrative). It can bring cathartic reasoning for otherwise unexplainable ideas and ideals. ...The "Weird runs in the family, and it is a good thing" attitude. It can also be a tool of enable mental, where perhaps the current generation of family is fundamental or aggressively conservative, but in the past that wasn't the case. The "I'm not the black sheep of my family, I'm reconnecting with our rejected past" idea. Or as is inevitable in any community, it can also be an excuse to claim some form of superiority over others by association. The "I'm a better witch than you because my great-grandpa's second cousin's uncle twice-removed was suspected of being a witch that one time" gambit.

--For those who skipped to the bottom, here's the 'too-long, didn't read' conclusion;

In personal opinion, my thought is that whether such a genealogical history exists for you or not doesn't matter. Like so many things it boils down to what you do with it. No matter what you find it can become great inspiration and fuel for growth if you choose to make it that way. The measure of what is important lies not in the information itself. It is just information. Where that Guage lies is within the sphere of what you do with it.
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Re: Genealogy and Magic
Post # 3
Hi Spirit76 thank you for you reply, I found it very insightful. Regarding on that one of my ancestor was this or that, I share the same sentiment, besides even with it was the case I highly doubt it cause that part of the family was brought up strictly roman catholic.

But one can hope "insert giggle here" that there might be some truth to it.

For me, I just find it a interesting avenue to explore and look into.
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Re: Genealogy and Magic
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 4
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Re: Genealogy and Magic
Post # 5

I wouldn't necessarily say it is a link perse. Perhaps though some can feel called to paths of their families past, or to paths of certain locales.

My great grandmother on my father's side was Scottish, and I have recently come away from an intense interest in Celtic deities.

Yet when I was young I was fascinated with the Greek pantheon.

Currently I follow a path of local witchcraft, my own solitary path that works with local supplies and spirits of the local land. I worship the Christian God as I have always had a strong connection with him despite not being Christian.

Many times I feel I have practiced a certain way because it felt right. I often go more than anything on my own intuition.

As for my thoughts on paths, divination, or witchcraft and geneology. It really depends and is a murky issue for me to sort out.

I do think now in younger generations we may see an increase in true generational witchcraft. The practices of both Wicca and forms of witchcraft have grown in popularity. Younger generations may follow in the suit of their pagan parent(s). Then again they may not.

My grandmother's mother read gypsy witch fortune telling playing cards and so did my grandmother when she inherited her mother's cards when she passed. After my grandmother passed our family were invited in by her ex husband and housemate to take what we wanted. I took a cabinet full of my grandmother's bells. Later down the line my grandmother's cards came up in conversation with my aunt. She mentioned she had them. We hadn't until then knew what became of them. My aunt after talking with me offered to give them to me because I had experience reading cards. I liked doing it.

I have my grandmother's and perhaps her mother's cards in storage. These have been passed down as well as a love of card reading.

My grandmother was pretty much hardcore Catholic. The mention of witchcraft sent her into a fit.

My interest in Celtic deities came after my learning of my father's grandmother and her Scottish genealogy.

So is it really genetic? Well no. I am certain my father's grandmother did not practice a form of witchcraft.

My thoughts on the matter is to practice respectfully what feels right to you, keyword is respectfully.

I wouldn't feel right about practicing Hoodoo without trying to understand the struggles and hardships that brought this practice about.

I will never truly understand these struggles and hardships.

I will read about the practice and am fond of its practices, but I do not practice it.

As far as the path I practice and how it relates to my ancestry I realize it doesn't. Witchcraft that worships the Christian God that has no objection to cursing others if needed, is probably far from what my ancestors practiced. At least not my recent ones.

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Re: Genealogy and Magic
Post # 6
Most than anything, I would make a difference between bloodline and ancestors. As others have said, every person can research their genetic ancestry to most parts of the world and ethnicities. But as I see it, ancestry is much more than the genes. There is a chinese saying that goes "One day as a teacher, like a father for a lifetime". Ancestors are not only by blood, but the people who had transmitted something to you, as teachers, mentors, founders of a religious path...
Based on that, I could say that your path is inextricably linked to your ancestors, but not to your bloodline.
With that in mind, we could also explain the growing concern about cultural appropiation in the magick (as the use of white sage, a traditional meditinal herb between the nations native from America and the scarcity due to the appropiation by new age traditions). Your craft is not developed from scratch, so everyone should acknowledge their origins and learn also the boundaries related.
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