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Mercury Charm Bag (Rx)
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So, Mercury goes Retrograde tomorrow and as a cosmic witch you better believe my stellar insight has prepared me for this time. With my forecast under the Sun Sign and Mercury SIgn I decided to address possible snags that may occur. To do this I summoned Hermes the God of Communication, Trickster, and so much more. This Charm bag spell is used to help with snags in travel and communication with the Assistance of Hermes/Mercury.

You will need:

Yellow Candle: Represent Hermes Offering (Mine is scentedgingerbread spice)

Two dice (I go with six sided as it is common)

Two white candles

frankincense & myrrh incense

Dried Mint

Pouch to put items in

Two clear Quartz

Offering to Hermes (I picked Tigers Eye)

Piece of paper


Now if you have a ritual for cleansing please do that first and for most. Invite Hermes to the area after cleansing. Lightfrankincense & myrrh incense then the yellow candle afterwards the two white candles. Placement is up to you.

Place the dice behind the white candles

Clear quartz in front of the candles

Draw a protection symbol or affirmation and fold it three times. Ask Hermes to bless the paper as you fold it.

THen place it in the pouch.

Next grab the two quartz and visualize the travel you have to do for the next few weeks. Car, Bus, airplane. Whatever you expect to occur. Ask Hermes to assist you in your travels. Then imagine a cord like yarn tangled up slowly straightening itself. Once the line is straight thank Hermes for assisting in your path for the next few weeks.

Put the quartz in the bag.

Last but not least a pinch of mint in the bag. Tie it up and set it near the candles till they burn out safely.

Carry this pouch whenever you leave home and when retrograde is over bury the items and discard the pouch if not disposable.

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Re: Mercury Charm Bag (Rx)
By: / Beginner
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I dont know much about mercury retrogrades, but I hear its a bad thing. Real cool spell Anser!

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