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Spirit and Tools
By: / Novice
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I have been thinking about this topic recently.

I was wondering on anyone's thoughts on whether a spirit can be attatched to a divination tool?

Does anyone here believe this to be possible or have heard of this?

I ask mainly out of curiousity of others belief. But also I have had cards, previously my grandmother's, that have a feel to them or energy about them and despite that the cards are not always nice in their answers; often I receive bad news from them; I adore working with them.

They currently are in a box in storage under a pile of other boxes in the very back.

I also feel very connected with a pendulum I made that as a small jar on a ribbon has a plant sample in it. A particular plant I enjoy working with.

Does anyone else feel connected to certain divinatory tools? For what reason?

I am curious if any others feel that some tools have energy.

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Re: Spirit and Tools
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Can spirit be attatched to a divination tool? Yes, I thinkthey can. I mainly use tarot cards and oracle decks most of the time oracle decks are formed around a certain energy. If you have not work with that energy before, but was called to that deck then you may end up gainingthe attention of that energy. I've also had some spirits make themselves known to me because of my tarot and oracle deck tools are sort of like flags for spirit it's there way in saying on who may be able to communicate with them and who can't. In saying so though I had never had any demon or negative spirit drawn to me because of my tools mainly because they are fairly protected.

As for your own deck that had once belong to your grandmother. Decks bond with their person the stronger the bond the better the answer the stronger the bond the clearer the answer that energy you are feeling may also be your grandmothers as will. It will also have their own energy to them. They sound like a deck who is that one friend who will happily tell you an honest answer either good or bad if they think you need to hear it they'll tell you.

And, yes all the tools I work with I have been felt drawn to them those that I have not been drawn to will let's just say we didn't really click. If you are drawn to a tool then that's a good sign it means that it has something to teach you or it wants to help you.

All of my tools have energy even the crystals and the tarot decks. If I tune in longer enough and listen I can feel that energy running through my body that energy also makes itself known to me through dream work and other signs.

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