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Animal omens & meanings
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There seems to be a lot of forms on here asking what an animal may symbolic whenever they come a cross, so this is just a small basic list on what animals teaches you. This is a list of some of the most common animal omens, these animals may appeared often to you in dreams, books, television online, in conversations or in real life. If this happens these animals have enter your life to teach you something or to warn you. Please also remember it's up to you what the animal may mean in your life.

Ant: teamwork, sisterhood, inner strength, size doesn't matter, don't let anything back you down planning

Ants live in colonies where teamwork is a must, worker ants are mostly female which is why sisterhood is mention. To get along with your sisters or fellow females to get the job done right. Ants are able to lift up things that are bigger then them, inner strength comes into play telling you to pull from your own inner strength. Ants don't let size matter to them and so you shouldn't be judgement to another person hight, ants don't let anything hold them back. They climb over anything, around anything to get back to their nest. Not to mention some ants are blind, while some ants have poor eyesight this does not stop them from doing their job.

Butterfly: change can be a good thing, ancestors near by and joy.

Change doesn't need to be all bad and glooming sometimes good things can happen, look at the butterfly without change it won't be able to fly. Butterfly teaches you not to worry about your future, trust that you make the right choices to reach what you want and if they weren't the right choices learn from them.Japanese believes white butterflies indicate departed soul, if a white butterfly flys closer to you then normal it might be an ancestor popping in to say hi. Forgot about fear and sadness for a while and in brace joy, allow yourself to be happy.

Black cockatoo: happiness,contentment, celebrations, empowerment and rain.

If you live in Australia and see a black cockatoo flying over head then depending on how many birds they are there could be rain coming. If your not and you see them in the form of artwork or hear someone talking about them a lot more, then it's a sign that your happy in life, contented with what you have or maybe a celebrations is in order. These birds are also a sign of empowerment.

Cat: stillness, live in the moment, look after yourself, magic andindependence.

It's time for meditation, if a cat starts showing up and you are stressed or living in self-doubt cat is here to teach you that now is the time for meditation. It's also here to teach you to put yourself first for a change. While it's okay to look after everyone else, too much of one thing is a bad thing and the cat is demanding you to have a break and enjoy yourself. It's also telling you to live in the moment, don't daydream too much and enjoy the now.

If your new to your magical path then you might start seeing cats about. For decades cat has a symbolic meaning linked into magic. If one is having self doubts about your path.Then spirit is telling you that you are doing great and keep on going, you have spirit encouragement. It's also telling you to live your own life and be independent.

Crow:power, intelligence, creativity, courage, determination, flexibility, enchantment, broad-mindedness, playfulness, death and mystery.

Crow is the keeper of the Sacred Law, the ancient magic and divination.

When crow enters your life. It's here to teach you to learn about law of attraction to create your own reality, crow teaches you to in brace your gifts. Clairvoyance and not fear the unseen. Ready to attack it's next meal on its last and dying breath, crow teaches us to accepted and acknowledged the darkness. It teaches us that we can overcome the emotional trauma that is death. It also reminds us that like how the crow is beautiful, the world itself has beauty, but there are also the hints of darkness.

With this in mind when crow appears. It can bring blessing or a downfall, telling you to trust your own gut feeling, to trust your own knowing to see if this beautiful animal. Is here to encourage you on your path or warn you of a tower moment, yet to come. Crow may also ask you to do some shadow work on yourself, to heal those shadows aspects or to let go of the things that no longer serves you. So, the new blessings on your life may begin.

Dog:fidelity, bravery, faithfulness, cooperation, communication, intelligence, adventure, friendship, patience, consistency, curiosity, protection, and devotion.

Dog is known to be man best friend and depending on the type of dog one could be seeing, they have all sorts of meanings. Example Dobermans teaches you to be loyal, but reminds you to question yourself on who you are loyal to. Are you loyal to a toxic person or are you loyal to a loyal and helpful friend? However, for this symbolises were only going to stick to the general meaning behind dog. Being linked with the human race for a long time, dog teaches you communication and reminds you one can't do their duty right if the order is mixed up in the process.

Make sure to give loud and clear messages, having trouble with people try and sit then down and talk to them, expressed how you feel to them and listen to them as well.Having trouble with yourself, write it down or see medical help to help you understand yourself and feelings be clear with your words and don't mumble.Protection, you are safe, bravely reach for what you want and don't let fear hold you back. Friendship find positive people in your life to be around with. Dog teaches you to wait as they wait at the door for you to come home, so you can spend time with them. They teach you all good things come to those who wait. Live a little and enjoy life, be smart with your choices.

Horse: motivation, freedom,

Much like dog, horses also have different meanings depending on how one may be seeing this omen. If kept locked in a cage with little space to run. It could represent freedom, this animal won't back down without a fight and if shown any disrespect it won't be holding back a powerful kick. They can also be seen as animal whom won't listen to a leader, if their all talk and no action.On the plus side, horses will give everything they have to a win a race. Reminding you to keep that motivation alive and don't give up on your goal for your almost at the finishing line.

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Re: Animal omens & meanings
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I didn't read the post in it's entirety, though I can see the Ant, dog and horse aspect. It looks good.
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