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Nafnathulr: Norse Deities
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This is more or less a long list of original as well as those Norse & Germanic deities that have added throughout the history and evolution of the Heathendom.I likewise decided to leave out all of the Proto-Norse and Proto-Germanic names and specific gender roles of the deities. As over time many entities within the pantheon(s) have been switched, removed, changed or added.

Áss Deities (Male- Æsir Tribe)
• Baldr: God of light and rebirth

• Bragi: God of poetry and music

• Borr: God of foundation

• Dagr: God of daytime

• Dellingr: God of dawn and calming

• Forseti: God of justice and reconciliation

• Hermóðr: God of inner-self and communication

• Hjúki: God of moons and lunar activity

• Höðr: The God of darkness and the blind

• Lóðurr: God of blood and human life

• Loki: God of impulse, change, etc.

• Magni: God of physical strength

• Meile: God of fierce/chaotic battles

• Máni: God of the moon and night sky

• Móði: God of valor

• Óðinn: The All-Father, God of Wisdom, battle, etc.

• Þórr: God of thunder, vitality, etc.

• Týr: God of glory and sacrifice, war, etc.

• Víðarr: God of silence and vengeance

• Vili: God of will-power and abundance

• Vé: God of the senses and lucidity

Váli: God of revenge, woods, etc.


Ásynjur Deities (Female-Æsir Tribe)
— —
• Austr: Goddess of summer, affection

• Bil: Goddess of lunar phases and protectress of children

• Eir: Goddess of succor and healing

• Frigg: Goddess of fate, motherhood, etc.

• Fulla: Goddess of feminine productivity

• Gefjun: Goddess of virginity, plowing, female independence

• Gná: Goddess of travel

• Iðunn: Goddess of youth and stamina

• Ilm: Goddess of aroma

• Irpa: Goddess of protection and security

• Hlín: Goddess of weddings, cloth, preparation

• Lofn: Goddess of gentleness and consent

• Nanna: Goddess of empathy and sympathy

• Sigyn: Goddess of loyalty, burdens, etc.

• Sif: Goddess of wheat, fields, etc.

• Sjöfn: Goddess of physical attraction and desire

• Snotra: Goddess of wit and cleverness

• Sól: Goddess of the sun and warmth

• Syn: Goddess of denial and refusal

• Þorgerðr Hålogaland: Goddess of shrines, defense, etc.

• Vör: Goddess of honesty and caution

Vár: Goddess of punishment, disappointment (of oath-breakers)


Vanir Deities (Male-Vanir Tribe)
— —

• Freyr: God of weather, fertility, phallic rites, etc.

• Heimdallr: God of mercy, insight, etc.

• Kvasir: God of muse and beer

• Mímir: God of knowledge, memory, advice, etc.

• Njörðr: God of estuaries, seafaring, harbors, etc.

• Skírnir: God of many talents and friendship

• Óðr: God of frenzy, excitement, adventure

Ullr: God of hunting, craftsmanship, etc.

Vanir Deities (Female-Vanir Tribe)
— —

• Fjörgyn: Goddess of the earth and nature

• Freyja: Goddess of femininity, sexuality, fertility, death, etc.

• Gersemi: Goddess of treasures, precious items, blonde women

• Gullveig: Goddess of greed, desire, sacrifice

• Heidr: Goddess of fire, mysteriousness, pain, vengeance

• Hnoss: Goddess of beauty, treasures, brunette women

• Nerþus: Goddess of fertility, livestock, freshwater

• Njörun: Goddess of dreams, nightmares and quandary

Sága: Goddess of drinking, companionship


Jötnar Entities (Giants-Rökkr Tribe)
— —

• Aurvandil: Personified Orion & Big Dipper constellations

• Baugi: Personified labor and farm work

• Dagr: Personified light and daytime

• Fornjótr: Ancient giant, ancestor, original, owner

• Jökull: Personified cold, winter, frost, ice, icicles, glaciers

• Fárbauti: Personified anger, domestic violence, danger

• Geirröd: Personified entrapment and aggression

• Gyme: Personified hills and mounds

• Helblindi:“Hel Blinder”, “All Blind”

• Hymir: brewing, cauldron, thick skull

• Kári: Personified wind, scathe, howl, sails

• Loki: Personified change, ambiguity, impulsiveness

• Logi: Personified sparks, wildfire

• Mokkurkalve : Personified clay, life, innocence, childishness

• Narfi: Personified oppression, difficult birth

• Hrungnir: Personified brawling, whetstone

• Snær: Personified snow

• Surtr: Personified Fire, burning, blackness

• Suttungr: Mead of poetry, orphaned, eagle

• Þjazi: Abduction of Iðunna, Skaði’s Father

• Þorri: Personified black ice, frost, cold, winter

• Þrymr: Uproar, Fallen King of Jötunheimr

• Vafþrúðnir: Personified Riddles, tales

• Ymir: The big bang, primordiality, birth, the ancestor of all, elementals

Ægir: Personified Sea, ocean, sea creatures


Gýgr Entities (Giantesses-Rökkr Tribe)
— —

• Angrboða: Hag of the Ironwood, personified sorrow, grief and pain

• Anurboða: Personified gravel, mountains, roughness, terrain

• Bestla: Personified motherhood, growth, nurturing

• Drífa: Personified snowfall, hail, ice, snowflakes

• Elli: Personified old age and inner strength

• Fonn: Personified snowdrift, wind chap

• Gerðr: Personified serenity and peace

• Gríðr: Personified greed and violence

• Hela: Keeper of the Underworld, personified illness, death, disease.

• Hyrrokkin: Personified fire, smoke, strength, transition

• Járnsaxa: The Iron Scissor, personified audacity

• Laufey: Personified weakness, feebleness, thin women

• Menglöð: Personified healing, medicinal, relinquish

• Mjöll: Personified fresh snow

• Nótt: Personified night, darkness, independence

• Rán: Savior of the drowned, personified sea storms, high tides, etc.

Skaði: Personified winter, hunt, damage

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Re: Nafnathulr: Norse Deities
Post # 2
Agreed, the assemblage of this Work is commendatory. Kudos, and thanks for sharing.
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