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Consecrate Cleanse Charge
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Consecrating An Item

When we consecrate an item we are channeling energies from our divine to bless and take home in said tools with the help of our higher powers we make the item "holy" or "sacred" to us. This is just a fancy way of saying we bless the item in our own way. Since Mackenzie Sage Wright did a wonderful job writing about "Wicca Basics and the 3 C's" will use her examples first to add in to this post. Below are her examples on how that works and i stand behind the methods they are not only simple and well known, they are useful to newbies:

  • Simply say a prayer over it and dedicate the use of the tool to your Gods
  • If you keep oils that are cleansed, charged and consecrated, you can anoint an object with those oils and blessing symbols.
  • If you work a lot with the four elements you may wish to consecrate it by Air, Earth, Fire and Water in ritual: run it through incense smoke, sprinkle some salt on it, pass it over a fire flame and sprinkle some water on it.

Denise Alvarado in her book "The Voodoo Hoodoo Spellbook" added in a wonderful recipe for a very simple consecration anointing oil, taken from page 95-96 below is the short example:

Frankincense 35 Drops

Myrrh 35 Drops

Blend with one ounce of Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Cleaning Your Items

Keeping your items spiritually clean of negative energy is important to any caster, you really just don't want to find out what happens to spells that have the wrong mixture of energies. In my experience i have learned most spells do in fact work, we just don't always like the results, and keeping your items clean is a good indicator for making successful results. The List below is three simple methods you can use to cleanse your magick tools:

  • Burning herbs such as Nutmeg, Lavender, Sage, Catnip, Rosemary, Vervain etc and you can even infuse energies to create more powerful effects. The idea is to smudge the negativity out of your tools with smoke to clear the slate.
  • Burying your items in the Earth is as basic as it gets, not only does exposing your tool to the element naturally cleanse it, its also a good way to tap into the elemental energies as you see fit to each tool. Think of it like your burying something dead and your returning it to the cycle of life and death.
  • Fire is awesome for metal tools and high exposure to heat/fire will cleanse any item, keeping in mind were not burning anything to the ground.

Charging Tools

Simple energy work can be as easy as using the basic laws of science such as friction and static energy. Casting spells is easy and anyone can do it i say this all the time you do not need skill or experience to do spells, you just need to understand the simple workings of how spell are created. Charging an item or tool is important but its not difficult its actually really easy. Below is a basic list on how to charge an item or tool:

  • Moon & Sun baths are the most common, the amount of energy in our Sun is outstanding, and with the cool filtering moon we can collect energy just by placing the item in the direct light of the Sun or Moon.
  • Crystals and Herbs hold tremendous amounts of energy and they can be placed next to items and tools to be charged. This is done with visualization, you hold the crystal in your hand and let it sit there in your palm. Clear your mind, tune out the world around you (that is the trick). Now imagine the crystal as an egg, and there is a baby chicken inside, so the crystal/egg starts to crack as something is struggling to break free. That is when you visualize the energy coming from those cracks and making its way into your items that is to be charged.
  • Fire holds a ton of energy, and you can place your hand over fire and draw in the energy coming off the heat of the flames using the same concept above. You visualize streams of energy coming from the flame into your hand, let it fill your chakra's if you must, and then let it stream into your item like wild fire. You can also hold the item in your fist over the fire and just directly draw in the energy that way, either way will suffice.


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Re: Consecrate Cleanse Charge
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I love this! Wonderful post, Sassy!

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