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Accessing the Thresh
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To step beyond the Hedge

The skill to cross the hedge, is unique to the Hedge Witch. Often confused for astral projection, which is incorrect for hedge-crossing does not extend to the Astral Plane; however, the act of hedge-crossing allows the Hedge to cross into the spirit realms (The Astral is a Psychic Realm, that is higher and not in the lower realms). Some would call for flying ointments or other hallucinogens which were and are made from TOXIC reagents. One can enter this altered state through listening to drums or repetitive sounds, which is not detrimental to the body and/or mind.

(I will not give the details of full hedge-riding but I will give the steps to getting to the thresh)

Before you shall even leave the physical world, you must first know how to breathe, how to let go and how to be. Though before even that you must first protect yourself, which if youre attempting this you should be of some skill.

: Steps:

To begin accessing the thresh, you should find yourself a quiet place to sit. Some would at this point urge you to get comfortable, but, I would say get comfortable but no overly so, because you are not meant to enter a dream state, you are entering a focused altered state. So, dont be in pain but dont be so comfortable to the of possibly nodding off. After that you should find music of drums, rain or rhythmic, which you can allow yourself to focus to. Once this is done, we can begin.

  1. Breath in deeply, then out. Repeat this for a minute.
  2. Begin to count down from 10 to 0, but each time you take a deeper breath, until you reach 0 to which youd hold your breath after inhale for 10 seconds, releasing in a long sigh.
  3. Vision yourself now walking down a long hall way and at the far reach is a gate or hedge opening. Begin to talk towards it, listening to the beating of the drum or rhythm of the music, taking a deep breath with each step till you reach the gate.
  4. Feel the energy and reach out, allow yourself to look through the thresh.
I do urge that anyone seeking to cross the thresh into the spiritual worlds become wise in the ways of protecting themselves. I myself lay a compass with my wand and incant a protection spell as well as wear my pentagram as a ward.

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