My diary of days working with the Demon Paimon

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My diary of days working with the Demon Paimon
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Hello, fellow site members. First of all, I know that some of you don't feel comfortable with the topic of Demons or Demonology. But as part of my demonology path, I have to do this.

For the past two weeks, I have been working with the demon King, Paimon. I can say and honestly say that my life has gotten better this past few days. I will go through each day of the past two weeks until today with you. As appreciation for him helping me, I have promised to write and explain everything that occurred to me as well as the changes that have happened in my life before I started working with him.

Re: My diary of days working with the Demon Paimon
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Day one:

The same with every morning, I woke up feeling depressed as I always did. I was going nowhere with my studies. Not with my school studies, my religious ones. I have been studying many demons and have been studying many ways of evocation and invocation.

I know a great many deal of methods to summon demons. But I felt lost for some reason. I knew what to do, when and how to do it, but I had no motivation to do anything. I am impatient so I would always rush into trying a new method when I discovered it instead of going through it and understanding it cleary.

In the end of course, I failed. Not entirely though, since I would get some results. I can sense spiritual beings when they are there. One time, when I had just discovered a new method, I rushed into performing it. I didn't get any results though, as I made way too many mistakes. That caused me to feel more disappointed in myself and it added to my depression. Any way, let's talk about how that all changed.

On this day, I went to school as usual, an outcast as always. I'm an introvert so I barely, if not rarely ever spoke to anyone.

Except for this one friend. I don't know and still don't know why I'm always with her because she's a Christian and (no offense) I hate heathens. Probably why I don't like any one else at school. Every day I would sit by my desk and think to my self, trying to identify where I went wrong.

Then I had an idea. Instead of just summoning a random demon like I always did, I wrote down all my goals on a piece of paper( I'm not gonna say, for personal reasons). As soon as school was out, I ran to my library. Because they don't have those types of books there, I took out my laptop, which I always carry with me in my backpack, and looked up a lexicon and dictionary of demons.

I came across King Paimon. I read through everything, all he teaches and his methods. Then it came to me, I was a slacker. That's why I never got anything done. While still going through the internet, I came across some one else's diary, similar to this one. I carefully read through it. All my attention was drawn to it because I found it so fascinating.

When I was done, I walked out the library, feeling a bit weird. As soon as I got home, the first thing I did was rearrange my bedroom from its messy state to a sparkly clean one. This surprised my mother. To be honest, I didn't really notice I was doing this until she pointed it out. I was feeling a bit Feng Shui and didn't like the way my room was before. Before today, I never really cared for it.

When it was cleaned up and everything arranged in an orderly manner, I closed the curtains to dim the room a bit. I was going to meditate. I can only meditate properly when I'm in a dark room since the light distracts me. I went out and took a long bath, since bathing before a ritual is a sign of respect. ( Yes, I consider meditation as a ritual.)

On other days, I wouldn't even be at home. I would be at an internet cafè, watching anime or going through YouTube or my Facebook. But here I was, sitting on the bed, Indian style. Through the other person's diary, I read that in order to make your mind more powerful, I had to meditate a few times a week. Something urged me and I ended up doing it everyday of that week.

So following instructions from that diary, I visualized violet flames surrounding me. I breathed in some of the flames, then breathed out normal fire, feeling myself with King Paimon's energy. I don't meditate for long, usually about three to five minutes but this time I was surprised when I made it all the way to nineteen.

During the meditation, I opened my third eye, which I can easily do in like thirty seconds. After mediating, of course I had a huge headache like one I always get when I opened my third eye, because my crown chakra is active. I took in a deep breath, then left the room straight to the kitchen. And can you believe what I did next? I went straight to the kitchen sink. It was filled with a lot of dirty dishes and in no time I was done.

The whole time I didn't feel anything weird as it stuck to me like my normal routine of being lazy. I could focus even better now and the aching in my heart had disappeared sometime while I was at home. I couldn't care less about the things that made me sad, like being afraid that I was ugly, or that the whole world hated me. Everything was going smoothly.

Re: My diary of days working with the Demon Paimon
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Day two

I woke up feeling a bit hazzy. The time was somewhere around five am. Which was weird because I never wake up at that time. I buried my face in my pillow and cried. I cried until I feel asleep, then woke up again at seven. It was time for me to go to school. Before I left, I had made sure to light some incense in my room.

What was more weird was when I got to school. Before that though, some random guy on the street greeted me. That doesn't sound any special at all, I bet it happens to most people. He then asked me how I was. For some reason, I wanted to jump into his arms and tell him my story, but I didn't.

I meekly replied with a "fine", then walked past him. On my way to class, some students, some that I never had any association with, ones that I didn't even know knew that I existed waved at me as I passed. I thought they were waving at someone behind me but there wasn't anyone, so I waved back.

During my lessons in class, a group of popular boys who always sat in front of me, kept on passing glances at me and giving me strange looks. At first it was annoying, then I found it weird how I was receiving attention today while on other days they treated me like an outcast.

I then ignored it and pushed it aside. Not long after, unexpectedly, I found myself making my way to the sick bay at school. I was feeling very dizzy and a bit nauseas. I spent the rest of the day in there with some other girl who was also sick. Despite her looking so pale like she was about to drop dead right there, she kept on trying to make conversation with me.

She was nice and I enjoyed my talk with her. (I never saw her after.) When I got home, after a whole day of sneezing as well as struggling to breathe, I jumped on my bed. I suddenly felt a little guilty and sat up, then started meditating. Fifteen minutes today. I was slightly disappointed and meditated again. five more minutes making it twenty for the day.

I didn't procrastinate like I did always and did my homework instead of waiting until bedtime to do it. I felt a lot of weight being lifted from my shoulders and was happy when slept I earlier than usual that night.

Re: My diary of days working with the Demon Paimon
By: Moderator / Adept
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But perhaps these postings would be more appropriate in a personal blog rather than on a message board.

Re: My diary of days working with the Demon Paimon
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Can you link the guide to bind paimon? Or tell me ? Just out of curiosity

Re: My diary of days working with the Demon Paimon
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Pro, I would not suggest attempting to bind one of the Goetic demons. I would, rather, suggest studying the keys of Solomon, and learning how to work with them, if you are interested in going that route.

Re: My diary of days working with the Demon Paimon
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Day three

My mother always left for business trips and it would usually be for a week at a time. She was leaving today and wouldn't be back for five days. This made me a bit excited as I would have the house all to myself.

We don't really talk much. I was really surprised that morning when she gave me a kiss and told me that she loved me before she left. She never said that. Not after my aunt, her older sister died a few years back. I couldn't help myself and let the tears roll down my face when I saw the car pull out of the driveway.

I was surprised, and that brought back memories of my aunt (which made me end up dreaming of her later that night). Today though, I didn't feel King Paimon's energy. But I didn't feel alone. Later at school, things kept on getting weird. When I entered the class with my teacher already being there, I sat down at my desk when everyone went silent.

Apparently they had been discussing me. The teacher then let out a compliment about my body, which I found weird because that totally came out of nowhere. I smiled at her and watched her try to debate with others on why I was so silent. The attention I was receiving made me a bit happy.

At break, when I realized that I didn't do my homework for a certain subject, I grabbed my book and headed straight to the school library. Usually I would leave it be and accept punishment but I didn't feel like slacking at that moment.

I felt relieved after and did so for the rest of the day until it was bed time. I was alone at night and my vision was a bit hazy. I wasn't sleepy and kept seeing smoky figures in front of me. The air around me felt a bit tranquil and that's when I knew he was back.

Re: My diary of days working with the Demon Paimon
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Day six

The past three days had been going very well. I meditated as much as I could and that helped me improve my visualization. I had been struggling with that too. When I do meditate, I feel a sort new "high" that I had never experienced before. I see loads of images which often morph into others. Almost like visions. They included things like witch doctors and sorcerers, who were doing some things that I don't know (yet).

My senses have increased too, including my eyesight and sense of hearing, but unfortunately it has increased my narcolepsy. I always find myself feeling drowsy and I think that is the way that King Paimon talks to me. If I'm feeling a bit down, I sleep then wake up after my nap feeling happy from all the bright things I dream about.

I admit, that I have grown too attached to him as I found my depression slowly slipping back when his energy left me for only a few hours. My mother has a few wine bottles stacked away for special occasions and during those few hours, I was fighting the urge to drink some.

I stared at the bottle for a while and when I tried to reach out for it, something kept stopping me. And what's the best way to distract myself from it? To meditate. True, it did make me feel a lot better. What surprised me too was when my shirt began to cling to my back almost like a person had placed their hand on it.

As I chanted his enn over and over while meditation, my bottom lip kept on quivering (which it never does). Not long after, I found myself lost in a trance. I didn't realize that I continued to chant for a long time even though I was supposed to only a few times.

Then I felt something on my collar bone, almost like a necklace was placed there. I concentrated on the weight of the invisible object which was on my neck until I moved my focus to the light touches all over my arms. The touches made me content because that's how I knew that there was someone with me.

When I tried to end my meditation session, my eyes instantly shut when I tried to open them. I tried forcing them to open but they didn't until after a few minutes when I gained controll of them again. I was a bit worried because I thought that something was wrong. But there wasn't.

Now I read that there are other ways to know how demons can communicate with us. And the one that's happening to me a lot is synchronicity. I always see the repetition of a few numbers a lot of times a day and that's when I'm feeling down or starting to slack off. Today, a few friends had asked me out to go for a movie with them. Which never happens.

Now the problem with that was that I had promised to do a few things for the King that afternoon and I kept on seeing signs, which meant that I had to make a choice. Now if I know right, I had to keep my promise so I asked them for a rain check. They took it well and said we'd hang out some other time.

When I got home, I did what I promised and received a little reward (not going to say also). It really made my day and it made me feel even more better.

Re: My diary of days working with the Demon Paimon
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Not saying it is, but this feels like it was written as a short story rather than anecdotes or journal entries.

Re: My diary of days working with the Demon Paimon
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Personal journal entries are not what this site is all about. As I said previously such entries are more appropriate on a blogging site rather than an open message board.

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