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Dark Dreams
Post # 1
Over the past couple of months my dreams have... escalated in vividry and intensity. Even more so than normal. Since perhaps a year and a half ago it all started, but it was more or less something I could contend with in spite of the occasional fever dream.

Now, however, its become a constant. Although, its no longer as shocking as it once was. Much like playing a horror game over and over again.

Still, some dreams cause me some discomfort. Almost like my dreams are trying to grow in this intensity.

One dream, from about a half-week ago shook me. I don't believe i should go into much detail. Lots of blood and bones and rot. And witness of a prison so foul that the smell of it caused me to loose my breath, choking me awake.

I've witness wars, legions of undead and deamons roaming the earth, ghastly mutants preying upon men and women. Yet in the dreams, I largely move through all of it unharmed.

The biggest impediment I've ever taken in a dream is a debilitating lack of movement. Like my legs won't listen. Still I manage to walk the miles.

But, when I wake up, I feel... disconnected. Like I should of been hurt or terrified to the point of being petrified.

Last night, however, something of a more perturbing and different manner occurred.

It was... like I was living somewhere else. In this house that stood alone in a plain, just down from a shallow hill that rose to an old forest. To the front of it, a waterfront and a bridge spanning the waters.

Perhaps a house that I'd see as my ideal: A simple two story affair, built of strong material with strong bones and honestly a peaceful energy. Perhaps a manifestation of an island of peace within my own mind.

Yes, now that I think about it, that house was a sanctuary. Yet there was still turmoil within such an asylum.

I'd forgotten about someone. Such a pain to realize now for someone who is terrified of forgetting and being forgotten.

This someone lived on the 2nd floor of the estate. By way of an elevated stair and entrance. Like the place was a duplex apartment almost.

This person was someone I've seen many times through my dreams, although her aperance changes often. This time, she seemed to be a childhood friend of mine... but I remember using a name that was different to that of my old friend. Alice, it was. That i'm sure of.

There were a few days where I was in my part of the house. The bottom level. I felt... alone, like there was nobody I knew that I could talk to. A familiar situation.

Though, I felt like I was also talking with someone. I don't remember whom. This part of the dream was filled with mired confusion, so I don't remember too much about it.

Next I remember, I was stood in the dark, just below a small rise, almost like an old levee. Upon it were 13 people, women, dressed rather...oddly, perhaps is the right word. Almost like clothes from a different time.

One stood out from the group, 2nd in line from the left. She was young. Perhaps 17 or 18. Yet, somehow, i could tell she was... powerful.

And oh did she dislike me, as did all of the women assembled before me. I don't remember her words, but she seemed promised to kill me or at the very least cause me harm in some way.

At another point in the dream, I remember it being a warzone. Someone speaking into my ear yet far away. Smoke grenades were popping off all about me as I forded some water to a flat span of grass. On a rise, perhaps the same levee as that dark time where I was stood before that coven was that girl who despised me so much.

I was running, trying to escape or just get out of that area. The voice in my ear was responsible for the smoke, shooting out the grenades to help me.

I hid in the smoke, running parallel to the levee, right at the line of the water towards... perhaps some abandoned barn or covered dock that was right on the water.

Next thing I remember, I was in the room with the girl that live upstairs in the house. Talking with her. I suddenly remembered her and oh how did i feel like such a fool for forgetting.

I was showing her these pictures I drew, but I do not remember what they were, just that they were traced from images that were drawn before by my hand or some hand in my dreams.

I woke shortly after. The whole dream is a confusing turn of events.

I have to wonder if there is something or someone out there that has set a grounds for horror in my dreams, or if I'd forgotten about someone important.

An unfortunate bit of my history has had to do with meddling with vision and dreams, to a fruitless and embittered avail. I'd like to think I've grown past it as a better and more astute individual, but something is following me.


Maybe it was some mistake that I made without my realization of it. I don't know... but its confusing and left me wondering regardless.

And a curious individual, I am. Hopefully that isn't a bad thing for my future.

At any rate, I suppose I left this post here for some reason. Not sure of it anymore, I guess I had to get it off my chest.

Such an unusual disconnect between my dreams and my physical rest. Even war and Apocalypse in a dream doesn't seem to affect how I sleep.

Odd to me, but, I'd hardly think it is extraordinary or even unusual to everyone.
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Re: Dark Dreams
Post # 2
May I ask in your dream did the mutants have black skin that was so that you thought it was burned
Also what is your definition of mutant in appearance
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Re: Dark Dreams
Post # 3
May I ask in your dream did the mutants have black skin that was so that you thought it was burned
Also what is your definition of mutant in appearance]

It was from a while ago that I've seen them.

More of a presence that I felt. These specifically where almost giants. They lumbered around with great arms and large maws. They ate people, so much so that their stomachs seemed to distend and rot.

As for how I define a mutant, well, that's a difficult definition. I suppose a short answer would be anything that looks unnatural. Something that does not belong and has come into existence by rather spontaneous means through manipulation of their genes.

Although, these days, many people are mutants. People who drink milk past infancy are part of a genetic mutation afterall.

So, these mutants were something of a human fault. At least how it felt in the dream.

And no, black skin they did not have. Pale and lifeless almost, perhaps a green/grey pale sheen to it.

In that dream I was an outlaw in a civil Apocalypse. I'd scavenge the wastes for weapons and ammo. Food and supplies. More for the thrill of exploration than profit, might I add. The military that was there didn't take to me 'exposing' myself to what stalked outside the walls. They eventually hunted me down, a woman who was a captain in the force almost had me, but I escaped to a rooftop and watched as their tanks ran about, securing the area.

Such a climber I was in that dream.
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Re: Dark Dreams
Post # 4
Sorry I can't help the only pale giant spirits I know of are sylphs and I doubt that's what you saw in the dream
So idk
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Re: Dark Dreams
Post # 5
Dreams originate within your own subconscious. Their imagery comes largely from things you have experienced directly to some degree, concepts you have picked up at some point, and the rest is combinations to fill gaps. Whether the dream comes from the workings of your own mind, or you believe it comes from some source outside yourself, the imagery and meaning can only be sourced from your own mind.

I think, for a good example, is the place you found which is like a sanctuary. It still shared imagery of the rest of the dream experience, but was a place of peace to you in that environment.

If you have been playing a lot of video games, reading a lot of fiction, watching movies and shows with these sorts of elements, then it is quite possible that the imagery is being incorporated into your dreams in a phenomenon called Zelda syndrome, named after the video game. It is named such because a lot of people experience differing degrees of continuing to replay repetitive actions or inputs while they dream. For example, I used to play an online game, and remember a night when I dreamed nothing more than entering the same dungeon over and over, my character dying (and sometimes I was the character, but of course it was a dream), then returning to try again.

The mind is interesting alone in the one regard that your subconscious remembers faces very well, and can see a face but once and recall it -- or elements of it, to recreate different faces within dreams -- for the rest of your life. Faces are remembered as tropes, and not as literal faces. It's much more efficient for storage space.

Similar can be said for important content, such as the danger of explosive devices, and some things are possibly instinctual or even 'genetic memory,' such as a fear of snakes, types of insects, and human deformity. In a lot of people, it may not be expressed as an actual phobia, as much as an aversion. It is largely believed in the scientific community that this is because these things became associated with a risk to survival. Venomous snakes, stinging and biting insects; these things can kill, maim, or otherwise hinder a person. Similar goes for very different-looking people (such as the mutants in your dream): diseases and injury of a severe nature can be expressed physically, leaving a person possibly less physically able, possibly mentally stable, and potentially more dangerous. It is but part of the reason the Uncanny Valley effect is a known phenomenon in psychology.

But moving back to the actual elements of your dream: It could be as simple as your subconscious having a time to explore some concepts, as realistic or unrealistic as they might be. It may also be some bizarre expression of emotions such as stress, fear, an unknown future. Sometimes dreams are simply experienced because the hippocampus is reorganizing things, reducing concrete memories of some things to tropes and concepts, eliminating unnecessary memories, deciding what should go into long-term storage, and what should be overwritten. A dream can simply be an evaluation of these things.

If you do believe the dreams are something more, their meaning can only be found from within. Sometimes elements are in dreams to fit within a theme, so not everything has a specific meaning. Sometimes they do. But the meanings or lack thereof, of the things in your dreams, can only be found by you.

I personally doubt any of the people and creatures in your dream are representations of spirits or actual people.

My opinion is that, being somewhat new to all of this magic stuff, your mind is rife with unknown possibilities, and the dreams are a series of "what-if" questions, possibilities, and unknowns. A lot of imagery and concepts are crossovers from things like games, movies, and other sources of fiction and fantasy, as I suggested above.

But I can very easily be completely wrong.
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Re: Dark Dreams
Post # 6
Or it could be that a psychic spirit is trying to communicate
Or its just a dream but you said it was growing in intensity
So that's why I thought spirit
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Re: Dark Dreams
Post # 7
Hmm... I have considered my dreams just being my mind acting in a stead of simulation.

In fact, i'm quite certain about it. Being able to see colour, taste, smell and all the sensory data that is put into my mind, all the detail I can see.

However, the persistence of it is what has me confused. I'm trying to find answers for it, but as I try to grasp it, it's taken away. A merge of quantum and neural superposition almost.

In the past I've tried to lucid dream and astral project, and that seemed to of been the cataylist for what is happening now.

But, i've fallen out of the practice and still it becomes more intense and full of pressure.

I'm just not quite sure. Why, and such questions like that.

And that girl and the constant appearance of images of apocalypse and conflict along with the magicks and implications perceived.

Its... confounding but also quite interesting

But, back to what you were saying with the mention of Uncanny Valley and of things like that.

I enjoy the concept of those schools of thought and concepts like primal fears. Very interesting stuff of study.

The subconscious indeed is a playground of interest.

But, its no longer an abstract realm of immaterial and innate notions. It's taking solidity while I dream.

Again, much like a simulation.

I'm never scared in the dreams. Sure, I act in a matter of self preservation if a danger arises: Soldiers shooting at me, a maniac slaughtering people in a plaza as I try to escape his blades, things of the like in fighting against forces that seek to eradicate me.

But I've never felt fear. Maybe a notion that I should be scared, but I've had a second filter for the emotion, one of vicious curiosity to the events ahead.

Like i'm to be shown something, perhaps.
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Re: Dark Dreams
Post # 8
These "mutants" could be nephilim. According to the book of enoch giants who were born from angel and daughters of man. They were treated as gods and fed but humans run low on food for their appetites were too large, so they began eating humans. These beings were large and powerful. God called them abominations. "For the christian religion" while these are most likely fairytales if they did happen most likely someone wrote this down with their religion mixed in. Just another possibility?
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Re: Dark Dreams
Post # 9


I must say i'm not wholly knowledgeable of such things. Much of my life has been a devotion to scientific pursuit rather then spiritual and mystic grasping outside of my own personal reasons for 'why, how, and where do I go?'and such questions. More for reasons of curiosity rather than belief.

At any rate, the mutants are not exactly my concern. More or less, I've had adjusted to them as well as other things that have attacked me... including last night and other nights.

I have to say, its the appearance of covens and witches that has me a bit concerned. Its not something I commonly think about, and I only think about concerning a dream I had at the end of the last year. And those don't line up to any literature, whether fiction or what have you, that I've read.

More importantly, why in my dream do they wish to attack me.

I can understand monsters, restless spirits, the undead, and such like that attacking me. But... witches? That I don't understand.
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Re: Dark Dreams
Post # 10
Dreams are most likely that of your subconscious. You are probably worried about others harming you spiritually or physically using magick. 9/10 you are not psychic and are just experiencing internalized turmoil.
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