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Starter Pack for Beginner
Post # 1
When I was beginning in magic, it was hard to learn. You didn't know what was real or what was a lie and most people just told you to Google your questions... which could lead you to unreliable sources. So I decided to help beginners and put a bunch of sources here for you, that way you will know where to look

Here is a list of the Basics

The basics in magic are: Tools,Meditation, Visualization, Focus, Moon Phases, Colors, Days, grounding and centering, power flow, Elements, Circle Casting, Charkas,

for more help with this go to this link:

This link is how to meditate

This link is for how to Grounding & Center

This link is for Finding and Working with the Elements

These links are for How to Cast Circles Staring with beginners

Even I used the wiki how haha

Advanced Circle casting

This link is for The Tools of Witchcraft

How to Read Auras

Aura Colors and what they Mean

This link is for reading books for free

Chakra Test link (this is a computer test, so take the results with a grain of salt)

Astral Projection for Beginners

This link is on how to Open your Third Eye.

The Mahamantra Meditation Technique

Opening Your Chakras

Scrying for Beginners

Scrying with a Black Mirror

Using a Pendulum for Beginners (youtube video)

Making a Pendulum Board (youtube video)

Working with Spirits

Aura Color Meanings

Aura Exercises


How do you know if your psychic? Here are a couple of links!

Color Meaning for Candles

If you have any links, feel free to add them at the bottom.

Please note that I got these links from sites that i have used, some that were in other forums, and some on profiles. All I did was put it in one nice neat package :)
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Re: Starter Pack for Beginner
Post # 2

Oh my, this is a masterpost for all beginners!

This is lovely, I have a few friends wanting to work on the craft, and this is great, thank you.

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Re: Starter Pack for Beginner
Post # 3
Many of these things are not central to a magic practice, and are related to more of a specific tradition.

For example, the Chakras come from belief in some Indian religions. Although they have been adopted in some New Age systems, they are not necessarily applicable in all traditions. For a direct example, Western traditions (those related to and descended from the Golden Dawn) do not use them at all.

Tools are not necessary to practice magic. Many traditions will have entirely different sets of accouterments, though some may include similar or same items with like purposes. Some traditions require a set of very specific tools to be created in a certain order by the practitioner, at certain stages. Some traditions have a list of things to have on one's altar, however they are acquired. Some traditions have an all-things-are-optional-but-everything-is-nice-as-long-as-it-works-for-you approach.

The same can be said for most of the list.
Moon phases are related to but a few traditions.
Colors have different lists of correspondences depending on which tradition one follows, if they are even used at all.

All of the things listed, however are good to study. They are a wide range of practices, origins, and ideas. It is a good idea to learn why and how they are related to magic, but from a more specific perspective: What is their origin and how do they relate to the perspective from which they are being taught?

That said, if the list is meant to be so inclusive, it leaves out some basic items to some traditions such as astrological correspondences, numerology, and gemmatria (in the sense of one's own alphabet, and not just the Hebrew origins, as the former is being adopted into a lot of traditions these days).

Chakras are a very good example of this. Since they are adopted by a lot of modern practices, they are being taught very differently from their relation to Indian religions, very shallowly, and often as a fact rather than a belief. A lot of places with information will teach things as if they are mandatory to everything, and not just an opinion, belief, or option.

It is reasons such as this that the three basics of magic are often boiled down to meditation (with the mention that not all traditions require it, but it is beneficial in general), visualization, and energy manipulation (though, again, ideas of these things vary greatly among traditions).
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