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Dream analysing
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I had a dream yesterday and need help defining such a dream.
Options anyone?

There were white mountains, and then there was this hidden wooden triangle thing, I lifted it up and there was a snake inside of it with like 6-8 baby eggs inside, once the snake saw that I found it, I went to lift up my leg and run away but my right foot became very heavy and struggled to uplift it. It was running away from me just as I was running away from it. Then it made its way into the water and as it came out it was then now just a Meerkat, so I followed it bk to its hidden hiding place. And then I saw a owl inside as well as Ginny pigs there was like 4 or 5.
Then all the sudden I began to see these little two girls that were forced to live in the wooden because their father told them that they needed to hidden out, they started ripping around a white horse face and began eating it.

There was hidden letters for me in a red room and the letters where instructing something specific for me and telling me something very important,

There also was this old lady and I had this bag full of
Things Manila rings and I told her she could pick one things out of there, once she gave the bag back to me I looked into side and I found this ring that I actually have. My green silver green from the natural museum of history
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Re: Dream analysing
Post # 2
Firstly, just because a dream is odd, it does not mean the dream is significant. A mundane dream does not mean it is insignificant. This is part of the strange world of dreams.

As dreams are all created within, or at the absolute least filtered through (for those dreams which the dreamer may believe come from elsewhere besides their own mind) the subconscious, all symbolism therein has meaning specific to that one person. Because of this, others may offer insight, but it is their own impression, and may be very different from what the dreamer's own experience and exploration of a dream's meaning, if anything, may be.

Firstly, let's explore some common aspects of dreams:

Things change within dreams all the time. An object, person, or creature may change. This may be due to the rapidfire nature of dreams, and the lack of significance of what the thing is. For example from your own dream, you saw a snake which became a meerkat after it entered the water. It could have been simply that your hippocampus had moved on from sorting memories and concepts of snakes, to those of meerkats. Or it could be that the snake in the dream seemed terrestrial, and its immersion was somehow attached to being buried, both of which might have been inconsistent with whatever type or concept of snake your subconscious had recalled for the dream. It would then recall the first thing on its list which may live 'under.' In its hiding place, your subconscious is still considering animals in the same vein, recalling burrowing owls and rodents (hence the Guinea pigs). It is a hiding place, and the two girls could make sense for two direct reasons: Why would people be forced to live there, or if it's a hiding place, then why wouldn't some person(s) be compelled to be there? Again, the horse face just comes from tropes of animals, as obviously your mind's filing process was dealing with a lot of animals in that dream. Seeing people and other animals in a hiding place might cause a question of how they live, which may well explain why the horse's face was being consumed.

Your foot getting stuck at the surprise of seeing the snake, by the way, in an incredibly common trope in dreams. Most people have had dreams about being unable to run from some encountered or unseen danger.

Writing in dreams is interesting. It often represents something important, such as the concept of knowledge, or as simple as the conscious portion of your brain trying to make a more direct interpretation of what is going on.

I am not sure what a Manila ring is, but it seems for whatever reason your mind recalled your own, in connection to what might be in a bag held by an old woman who also appeared within your dream.

As you can see, just from my own supposition and speculation, the expression of subconscious thought alone can make a mundane dream quite complicated. Sometimes, it's just a string of mental rambling which your mind attempts to make into a coherent narrative.

On to my impression of possible symbolism within the dream:

Whatever snakes may mean to you might be very different from how I am reading your dream.

The snake is seen as a potential danger, being the thing with its young, hidden inside the 'triangle thing.' It is a symbol of the unknown in this case, and of the possible danger associated with what may be encountered in strange places.

That the snake ran from you shows your concept that "it's more afraid of you than you are of it." Yet you decided to follow it, even when it became a different animal.

So the potential danger in a hidden place becomes a teacher or guide, taking you from where it was hidden, to where more things and people are hidden. Was its hiding place in the same place as the 'triangle thing?' It could be that either your mind is trying to answer what is important about the triangle thing, or the triangle thing is representative of a hiding place in general in this dream.

The change of the snake into a meerkat could be that the 'snake' was presented to you, in stead of being a potential danger, changed by baptism into a more pleasing form for your tolerance. Since both live in hidden places, the trope can be seen as consistent on at least one level, and you may find more within your own internal searches.

The exact animals inside the hiding place, a dark place (presumably) under ground, are yours to interpret. Owls, of course, are seen as wise and mysterious, possibly foreboding. I do not know how you consider Guinea pigs.

The twins may be an aspect of your own fears of entrapment, and their tearing apart of a horse's face to devour an expression of things getting out of control.

The old woman may have been a comforter to you, or a source of wisdom. Perhaps, though, since it was when you saw her that you had a bag of Things Manila rings, she may be seen as symbolic of desperation, of stagnation, and you wanted to help or bless her. She may have also been connected to the writing you saw immediately before. Her presence might have been simply an outlet for you to help in this scene of cloistered desperation. Hiding places, after all, are not as free as simply a subterranean home.

After gifting the woman what she wanted from the bag of Things Manila rings you found a Things Manila ring which you already own. I think this is a way for you to directly relate to the woman, and she may be some aspect of yourself. She could very well be a contemplation of yourself in the future.
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