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Spell Traits - For study
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A learning spell from Greece that improves the mind's willingness to understand and retain information. This spell is very useful to students or anyone interested in learning.
Material: - Smooth stone (recommended to pick up leftover floor from some construction); - pemba or black chalk (in the impossibility of drawing the sigil of Vapula to fit in the center the trait of learning); - A piece of thin white paper or special scribble paper; - A pen, pencil, pencil or charcoal.
1 - While repeating at least 9 times the name VAPULA, then your intention and then the sacrifice of stone and paper to Vapula, write on the opposite side of the smooth stone your intention.
2 - Then turn the stone to leave it in the final position in the ritual and draw with the same "pemba" or chalk the scratched point of Vapula, large enough to fit the learning trait in the center, now repeating the Enn of Vapula:

Renich secore Vapula typan (9xs or +)

3 - With the Vapula point ready, in the center trace the following image on a piece of paper:

(you need to create a sigil inside a triangle, which is inside a circle)
(your) "Learning Trait"
4 - When finished, turn and at the back of the piece of paper, write the subject you want to learn, while repeat the Enn of Vapula.
5 - Create a sigil drawing or a mantra as a keepsake trigger to say whenever you need to remember the content studied. It is optional to create each time you study a ne topic a sentence that triggers all your studies or a partial phrase to be complete according to your needs.
6 - Thank Vapula and ask her to start making your request and return with success.
7 - Close the magic space
Note: Take the paper with you especially during classes or times when you need to absorb and retain information.
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