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I am in a dark place
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I am in a dark place and I need help with answers. I really either need a reading or something. My husband Robert left me and I really need to know if he is going to come back. I am at the point where I'm begging for help.
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Re: I am in a dark place
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
I can approach this from several aspects of your concerns, but I think starting with the most important (in my opinion) portion is best:

Work on you right now.

Yes: It is difficult that he left you, and I am sorry that he has. I don't know how long you were together, or the circumstances, but what is done, is done. Focus on you at the moment. What happens next, happens next; don't worry too much about it. Take care of you.

After a breakup, one person is always left asking for answers -- especially if it is sudden. These questions may never have actual answers, and only contribute to anxiety and depression. Being left also puts a person through grief, the same as if a loved one has died. Do not let it consume you. Grieve, of course.

As far as finding out if he is coming back: Divination may not be the best idea. At best, this is a yes-or-no question, which greatly limits which forms of divination may be used. It is also asking for a hard prediction, which is not what divination does. A pendulum is meant for yes-no answers, but is better for the present rather than the future. Tarot is excellent for advice and broad interpretations of a possible path or future. But the future is not written in stone. One decision can change a vast number of things.

If you chose to go the route of spellcasting (and be very wary of offers made! Scammers abound on the internet!), keep in mind that it cannot override his free will. If he chooses not to come back, he will not.

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Re: I am in a dark place
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
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Re: I am in a dark place
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
This may or may not be accurate; doing readings for people without feedback, without having a more direct connection to a situation, can lead to considerable variation. These are just cards, and not some magical answer to life. Sometimes they suggest an aspect you may not have considered.

I don't often do readings for others, but here goes:

Your current (and immediate past) state:
Page of Pentacles
It is a focus on the present. The Pentacles represent the element Earth, worldly things, belongings, finances, labor, and the like. A young man holds this concept in front of his eyes, as his sole focus.
(influenced by) the Knight of Wands
The salamanders show the influence of the element fire in this card. Wands represent actions, and the knights often represent actions, directions, or determination, in their respective suits. It shows your determination in whichever direction you are facing, rearing to charge.

His current (and immediate past) state:
Eight of Swords
It seems to me like he feels like he is stuck, in a sense, and no matter what direction he chooses, he fears he will get hurt.
(influenced by) X the Wheel of Fortune
He is looking in any direction to feel less stuck in whatever circumstance. He may feel like opportunity exists in any direction but where he currently is.

The unifying influence between you in this current and immediate past state:
the Knight of Swords
This is a very wind and action-related card, full of action, charging ahead.
I think both of you may be at a point in your lives of wanting to move forward in a big way, and not holding back. Perhaps your chosen directions were different.

Your foremost desires (directly regarding your question):
Eight of Cups
Though some may interpret this card as walking away from a lot of emotions, it can be also seen as seeking answers. I find this interesting, as you are begging for help in this situation, wondering things you cannot directly know.

His foremost desires (in this given situation):
Eight of Pentacles
He may be focusing on work, on being productive, and finances. This is a card of production rather than emotion. Perhaps he felt he was being held back from what he wanted to do in life?

This next aspect caught me a bit by surprise, as both positions (yours and his) were answered with Major Arcana, which may signify either major influence, or very broad influence.

Your currently desired path:
XIV Temperance
This is a card of seeking emotional balance. The angel stands between water and land, mixing between two cups. The angels both stands and floats. This is a card of not too much, not too little. Moving into the card, one sees a path leading to enlightenment, one's desires, the 'kingdom' so to speak.

His currently desired path:
0 The Fool
This would suggest that his current desires are to strike out on his own journey. He may want to be his own man, so to speak, to seek who he is alone rather than who he is in relation to others. The Fool (or initiate) sees himself as having all he needs to move forward, whether it is true or not. He has a long road ahead.

What is currently influencing your life:
IV The Emperor
This is a card of perspective and authority, of being in control. Whether you have been the authority in your relationship, or you are propping yourself up to take authority in this circumstance, to gain a view of what is happening with your relationship and the breakup. Since his leaving you is so prominent to you right now, this can make a lot of sense to me, as you are seeking answers and insight into why, and how to make a difference. It does not necessarily mean you are trying to lord yourself over him, but it could mean you are trying to influence his return.

What is currently influencing his life in this situation:
Ace of Pentacles
This could be an absolute focus on material wealth, or on his life circumstance, or on creating new opportunities in finances, or on thinking what he is doing will lead to greater riches.

The outcome of this situation:
Ten of Swords
Since this reading is more focused on you, Noctra, this card may be more applicable to you, or it could be applicable to both of you.
A person lies face-down in the sand on a beach at night, with ten swords in their back and a pool of blood.
This can mean that things will not work out as you wish in this relationship, but the sea is calm and dawn is coming.

I believe you are looking at this current circumstance of your relationship, for whichever direction you think you need to charge to bring the two of you back together, while he is looking any which way but home, feeling stuck with no way to progress. All the while, both of you are wanting nothing more than to charge forward in life, though it seems from the prior that your prospective directions may be different.

Regarding your relationship, you are currently seeking what you may have to do to strike balance for both to be happy, without eliminating what you each want. But he may have already made up his mind to move onto his own path, seeking his own progress and adventure.

You are looking for answers, to see why he left and what went wrong, hoping you can convince him to come back to you. In the mean time, he is looking towards new opportunities in his material life.

As I said in a previous post, there is a chance that nothing you do may influence his return to you, leaving you feeling betrayed, stabbed in the back. But the world is not in turmoil, and there is always hope for a brighter future.

Of course, as I had also said, divination is rarely an absolute. The outcome may change based on his decisions and yours. That is the only card looking at the future in this case; I prefer to look at what is influencing the present, and the one future card denotes what may happen if all current paths remain.
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Re: I am in a dark place
Post # 5
Thank you for the reading I really do appreciate it.
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