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New to all of this
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Hello all,

I am new here and new to Wicca and Witchcraft in general. I have been studying for a few weeks now. But I really want to know more about cleansing myself of worrying thoughts that seem to creep in and I am very interested in learning Witchcraft and spells.

I honestly do not know if I have any kind of gift at all. I feel that I have a very strong intuition and a little bit of an empath feel. Many times those around me affect me based on their energy. I sometimes feel (now that I've studied what energy is and what it may feel like) that I have an over abundant amount of energy. But I also am not sure if that is just anxiousness because of my worry.

At any rate, I am very interested in learning more and practicing. Any help would be amazing.

Thanks & Bessings!

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Re: New to all of this
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
Welcome! You have found a good community.

If you are interested in the Wiccan religion, there is an entire section on the forum devoted to it, and there are some very knowledgeable Wiccans who can point you in some good directions. I'd suggest checking out the pinned threads there as a start.

As for your gifts, you may well be inclined towards some things. Empathy seems to be very common. That said, everyone can practice a broad range of magic-related things; it is not like we are all pigeon-holed. So feel free to research and see what all you would like to pursue.

I think, however, your biggest concern in your post is your worrying thoughts.

Something to consider: You are not your thoughts. Your brain will randomly generate thoughts all the time. They play like television signals with the channel being flipped through frequently. You can choose to stop and watch the show for a bit, but you don't have to. You may choose how involved you become with your thoughts, to let a narrative immerse you, or to dismiss it entirely.

It comes with practice and determination. But it is not something to stress over. Meditation can help, in general, as it disciplines the mind. There are also types of meditation meant to help learn these practices.

Sometimes, dismissing an unwanted thought can be done by realizing that you do not know if the thought is true, whether your worry is good or bad. Again, this can be learned and practiced.

A straight-forward way is to practice mindfulness: To be fully immersed in the current moment, dismissing thoughts about anything but the current moment. Some meditations are meant to help, such as focusing on the breath alone or moving attention around parts of one's body (this is part of a great relaxation technique which can lead to fast sleep), or focusing on a single object. But it doesn't have to be meditation, though meditation helps. It also does not happen in an instant. The mind will drift; it is inevitable. But it can be trained to focus for longer.

If thoughts drift, it can be as simple as, "I am not [doing whatever] right now. I am [doing this] ."
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