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Not sure if Hecate angry?

Forums ► Other Paths ► Not sure if Hecate angry?
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Not sure if Hecate angry?
Post # 1
A couple months back I went on a spree of research and different ways to try to get winning lottery numbers from other side.

One of the ways was offering Hecate (to those believers)
eggs at a cross road. And those Chants I read online, and my own chants. Nothing happened where I would assume it was Hecate. Or winning the lottery. I received an owl in my dream not too long after at the place in real life where I offered her eggs. I researched it and turns Out owl could be a messenger from Hecate.

recently I felt I should had won the lottery. I woke up had dreams, someone won that day felt strongly about winning, and someone won in the street that I had bought it from.
But it was not me.

I then meditated again, and fell asleep. Had a nightmare about finding a radio to contact the other side for winning numbers, but the radio instead was telling me of tragic, disgusting, errie stories, and it wouldnt depart from me.

In the dream I went to a physic to get rid of it.
the physcic in the dream said, thats what happens when you get a little connection to the other side and decide to ask for winning lottery numbers. But no biggie, I felt relaxed.

She then summoned her assistant, which formed from mud, or clay, in a shape of a face of a younger girl (late teens to 20s)

Then she tried to spiritually remove the radios attachment from me, in which opened up a black oval hole Maybe in a shape of vulva almost. A dreadful scary female voice said out along sentence and i got the last part only. "do not try to open me up again unless you mean it"
I sensed and aura of intensified dark energy.

Then the physic was closing it "she turned to me and said, i would give you the words to open it incase you really need to, but i dont think you can close it on your own.

I said back i dont need to no need to ever open it up again

then she chanted her mouth moving fast, and it closed.

then her face pummeled in and she died. The assistant she summoned looked at her then me, then dissolved.

I dreamt really realistic nightmares before, but I always felt
power, to fight it, and woke up and go back to sleep.
But this one I felt my soul or me was really there, and I coudnt go back to sleep. It was the first dreaded, waking up.

In real life, this happened after I dated this girl that was into magic, I decided to also research how to get a Hex removed from me and put the item under my pillow. The same night I got the worst nightmare.

My Question is that is to Hecate worshipers, Could the voice from the black hole be Hecate? Annoyed from before that I tried summoning her to win the lottery numbers? (even though i
say i would build her temples)

Or do you think its the Hex removing item under my pillow?
should Hex removing items cause nightmares? I thought it relaxed me and removing curse so it should be the exact opposite of having a nightmare?


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Re: Not sure if Hecate angry?
Post # 2
If you were me would u remove the "curse-removing" hex bag. after having the worst ever nightmare/vision in life when barely sleeping with it?
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Re: Not sure if Hecate angry?
Post # 3
It definitely could be Hekate, if you think it is maybe it would be best to apologize to Her, give Her an offering, something to make amends, or ask Her what you can do. In my experience Gods don't exactly like being contacted just once, or to be just used for someone's personal gain (depending). If you made any promises to Her it's best to follow through and do a good job with it.

I would also remove the hex removing item, I can't really give you much advice on that but if you think it is causing you harm it's best to keep away form it for now, or try and cleanse it. Maybe get another one and cleanse it. I would personally also try and make my own dream pouch, or do some protection spells on myself.

It might also be worth while to look into the dream with a bit more attention to detail, look online yourself, or go to someone. It could have meaning that you don't understand yet.
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Re: Not sure if Hecate angry?
Post # 4
(oh i dont know how to email you)
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Re: Not sure if Hecate angry?
By: / Novice
Post # 5
This thread has been moved to Other Paths from Misc Topics.
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Re: Not sure if Hecate angry?
By: / Novice
Post # 6

I agree completely with Claire. With Hellenic Deities I have the same experience. They do not like being used, as you would think most Deities would not appreciate. Think of it this way, do you just randomly go up to a complete stranger and ask for twenty dollars? You don't know them, they don't know you, they don't owe you anything.

Why would they help someone who didn't even bother to get to know the first? A lot of people do work with Gods and do end up getting their fair share of blessings out of it. But praying one time to Anubis to say, "give me money!" Probably not gonna be too happy with being treated like a genie. Deities have thoughts and feelings like everyone else. If in your encounters you are selfish and make everything about you, they might very well be upset by that.

Different people do have different relationships with their Gods. For some it is business friendly and for others it becomes more personal akin to a family or friend type of vibe. How you and your God bond is up to the people involved. They don't have to work with you, they may very well not like you. Because they have thoughts and feelings they can choose to not accept your devotion and not to provide you aid. That's perfectly fine, it just means you don't jive well together. But you are more likely to get a positive reaction if you show respect and approach them in a way they would like. Learning about them can help you with this.

By learning I mean really learning, not reading one very generic article you found on an unrepitible website that gave you a very vague concept of a whole bunch of Gods. Like the reguritated Olympians articles floating around that are all exactly the same. Aphrodite is more than love, Ares is more than war, Hera is more than marriage, etc. But articles like this only show the one generic most common thing about them as if that's just it.

So if you are interested in really learning about Hekate you could start by learning more traditional offerings, how to cleanse miasma before prayer, how to give offerings in a Khthonic manner, what other things she is a Goddess over, etc. If you've indeed upset her and just want to appease her, show her that you are sorry. Any good apology begins with understanding how the other peson feels. If you don't know why she is upset it will not be sincere. If all else, use divination and ask her how you can make it up to her. I'll link you a good site for Hekate below that might interest you.


  • http://www.theoi.com/Khthonios/Hekate.html
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Re: Not sure if Hecate angry?
Post # 7
Should have asked Fortuna, Hekate is not amused, I would say I'm sorry, please forgive me.
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Re: Not sure if Hecate angry?
By: / Novice
Post # 8
Sacrifices of eggs to Hekate were generally offered to her Kthonic epithet, so it is also possible that you invoked the wrong facet of her. Definitely offer her something else as an appeasement. The Kthonic epithet of Hekate is linked to death and such. Hekate Kthonia (the one who generally accepted offerings of eggs) was invoked at sacrificial rites. If you didn't eat any of the egg you offered, that also adds to the kthonic invoking problem. If you work with her regularly, then she may forgive you a little easier. Hekate, in my experience, highly prefers students to worshippers, if that makes sense. I ask her more for guidance and knowledge. IF money is what you're after, Hermes or Hades would be a much better option, as trade and money are their fields of expertise (though still definitely get to know them before asking them for favors of great significance), and Tyche is the goddess of luck. Definitely offer something much bigger next time though. Eggs were a lot more precious back in the day, and you have to take into account the value of the thing you are asking for, in reference to what you are offering.

A hymn to Hekate Kthonia, to give you an idea of who you were asking-
"Nerteria, Chthonia, Urania come Brimo,
Einodia, trioditi, phaesphore, nykterophoite,
enemy of light, friend and companion of night,
you who like the howling of the dogs and the dark red blood,
who walk in cemeteries among the dead,
who desire blood and bring fear to mortals,
Gorgo, Mormo, Mene and polymorphe,
come to meet us, with good will, at our burning offering."

Hekate is the main goddess I worship and she is a wonderful goddess to follow. She can teach you many things, but she's not really a 'favors' goddess.

Take your dreams as a warning. In my experience, Hekate works very closely with Morpheus, the Greek god of dreams. This could be very significant.
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