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Beauty Recipies
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I dunno where else to put this, but I thought it would be nice for the beauty gurus to have a place where we can find recipes and spells and things that help with beauty.

Such as parafumes, masks, clensers, etc.
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Re: Beauty Recipies
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Like all aromatherapy blends, a well-balanced perfume will contain a mix of top, middle and base note oils.

You will need:

An unscented carrier product

A minimum of three and maximum of six essential oils

An atomizer bottle.

Your unscented base could be carrier oil, water, and alcohol or body lotion. Use a maximum of 10 drops of essential oil per 30ml carrier base.

For an intense perfume, use odorless alcohol. Vodka is best, but use the purest you can find. Alcohol can damage skin if used too often, so keep these perfumes for special occasions.

For everyday use, mix 7-10 drops of essential oils with 30ml of jojoba oil.

For a lighter eau de toilette spray, use 300ml of pure spring water per 10ml of essential oil.

For a sensual massage or bath blend, mix up to 20 drops of essential oil with 100ml carrier oil, such as grapeseed.

1. Fill your perfume bottle three-quarters full with your chosen carrier product.

2. Add the essential oils to the blend one drop at a time, starting

with the base note oil(s) first, then the middle not oil(s) and finally

the top note(s).

3. Shake the bottle vigorously to disperse the oils evenly throughout the mixture.

4. Put the bottle away in a cool, dark place for three to four weeks.

Take it out once a week and give it another shake to ensure that the

oils are spreading through the mixture evenly.

5. Spray on your pulse points, and get ready to flutter your eyelids.

Any of these fragrant oils are ideal for forming the heart of your perfume blend:

Jasmine Intense and floral.

Lavender Sweet, gentle floral, with woody undertones.

Neroli Fresh with flowery undertones. Extracted from the flowers of the

bitter orange tree, neroli is a main ingredient of the famous French

perfume 4711’.

Patchouli The earthy, musky aroma of patchouli improves with age.

Rose A rich, flowery scent. Rose has long been considered the aroma of love.

Sandalwood A mellow, woody scent.

Ylang ylang A heady, exotic oil.

Try these simple perfume recipes.

Choose the type of perfume you want, then experiment with the

ingredients to find the blend that suits you best. Mix all these blends

with 300ml of spring water for an eau de toilette or 100ml of alcohol

for a stronger perfume.

For a light, fresh scent add:

5 drops neroli (base note)

10 drops orange, rosemary (middle notes)

15 drops bergamot, lemon (top notes)

For a gentle floral scent add:

7 drops rose (base note)

15 drops geranium, orange, palmarosa (middle notes)

7 drops lime, petitgrain (top notes)

For an exotic sensuous scent add:

15 drops rose, sandalwood (base notes)

10 drops geranium, rose geranium, rose otto (middle notes)

5 drops coriander, lemon (top notes)

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