Is this negative Karma?

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> Is this negative Karma?

Is this negative Karma?
Post # 1
Well if I'm going to be honest, I've never really believed in karma but something just doesn't feel right. Although it could just be my conscience pricking me for all the bad things i have done.

Probably best to mention, if karma is real then i will have stacked up more negative karma in these few years than 10,000 people would do in a life time.

Things are going very wrong this year, i could write a list longer than my arm of all the problems that have come up.

In the last 3 weeks alone i had a 100mph motorcycle crash which i surprisingly survived. Then the surgery got infected with just a 13.4% chance of it happening, it also isn't responding to any antibiotics currently. On my day of discharge i had a visit from the police wanting to seize my dog then my disability benefit got sanctioned 3 days after.

And thats just in 3 weeks. Am i being paranoid here?
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Re: Is this negative Karma?
Post # 2
No, you aren't being paranoid. It could be bad karma, a string of bad luck, a curse, etc. It could be many things. Maybe the universe is trying to tell you something. Motorcycle wreck= you need to slow down. Infection= statistics don't matter to the individual. Etc. They could all mean something diffuor could be connected.
You should look at what is happening, when its happening, who's involved. Then you might figure out why. If you believe it's karma maybe try to do a few good things to get good karma and see if that helps. Sometimes if we believe something it becomes real.
I'm sorry all of this is happening to you, especially about your dog. I had a week right when I turned 18 where someone cut my tire air valve, got my first ticket, and wrecked my car into some big rocks.
Just try not to let all of this get you down, keep going and try to figure it out. Keep positive even though it seems impossible right now. I don't believe in coincidences, everything happens for a reason in life.
Good luck!
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Re: Is this negative Karma?
Post # 3
I wouldn't say it's bad karma. For starters, it's not like karma is really a thing. The universe isn't going to punish you for anything I certainly wouldn't discount a curse though, sustained working could produce events like this.
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Re: Is this negative Karma?
Post # 4
Karma does exist!
Unless I can curse someone without a spell, this jerk of a person came and punched me in the jaw for accidentally moving their stuff (thinking it was my friends), and ran off without hanging around to see what I responded like.
Anyway, I saw them the next day.
They were walking around with their stuff, and all of a sudden they trip over, drop their stuff AND get their favourite dress dirty in dog poop!
It was funny. (I'm mean)
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